World War 3 – A Quick Guide on How to Fix VOIP

I have noticed many people having issues getting voice chat to work, or even realize its in game. This guide is intended to help you solve crashes or issues with VOIP.

Guide to Fix VOIP


It appears to currently only reliably work with a few keys, if your experiencing issues, I recommend using the ~ (tilde key above tab on the left of your keyboard).

How to even use voice chat in game

Apologizes, but I don’t recall the default binding, however you’ll likely want to rebind it anyways.

  1. From the main menu, you can press O or click on the settings button on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click “Key Bindings”.
  3. Press E 3 times, or select the common tab at the top.
  4. From the top, 4 down you will see an option for voice chat.
  5. Rebind to preferred key (see below for important info).

Currently it appears that mouse buttons and certain keys either do not work, or cause issues. Currently myself and others seem to have good luck with using the ~ (tilde key).

Start transmission under the soldier tab is not voice chat, I’m currently not sure what this does.

How to know if voice is working

There currently is not many people talking, so this could be somewhat confusing.

You will know your talking if you see a speaker icon next to your name on the bottom left of the screen. This is also true for others who are talking.

Currently voice chat only exists between squad members, you can not voice chat to your team. You can however hit enter, then tab to cycle between various chat types.

If nobody can hear you and you don’t see a speaker icon

So you found the setting and rebound it but it doesn’t seem to be working. Well it appears that certain buttons simply do not work.

For example, I have found that a few people (myself included) like to bind things like VOIP to our mouse (mouse4, mouse5) and for whatever reason this does not work. If you have voice chat bound to something and can not see the icon, simply try another key.

If you do see a speaker icon but nobody can hear you, this is likely something with your system. It is also possible that if your in a random squad, they simply are not responding to you.

If crashing, or stutters occur when you press your voice chat button

I personally have not experienced this issue, so its difficult for me to test it.

When talking with others it appears that this is related to having voice chat bound to keys that have other things attached to them by default, even if the original has been rebound. For example the default crouch button C, if you moved crouch to X, and voice chat to C, some people have experienced crashing or other odd issues when pressing C afterwards.

This can be fixed by simply finding a key with no default binding such as ~ (tilde key above tab on the left hand side).

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