WorldBox – God Simulator – How to Start a Never-Ending War

This guide will show you how to start a never-ending war between two kingdoms in worldbox in just two steps.

Guide to Start a Never-Ending War

Step 1

First, you need to go to World Laws.

Then, you need to turn off diplomacy for this to work.

Step 2

Now that Diplomacy is turned off, you need to give the kingdoms ‘spite’ to start the never ending war.

If you want to end the war, give the kingdoms ‘friendliness’ and they will stop fighting.

More details:

  • The war will not end until one of the countries is conquered or destroyed.
  • Since Diplomacy is turned off, rebellions cant happen, so if you want rebellions you need to give the targeted kingdom/s ‘Inspiration’.

That’s basically it its really simple and easy to make a never-ending war. It can help if you constantly have to start wars again because the kingdoms make peace.

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