Wrought Flesh – Useful Hints and Tips

Please note: all credit goes to [BAJA] Anarchy Ham!

Things the game doesn’t outright tell you. Small tips and tricks, any additions heartily welcome.

Tips and Tricks


This guide contains some tips for the game that might make your life just that much easier when you’re skiing on slopes and whacking bandit pp.

General Stuff

So far I’ve found a few things interesting about the game.


Whenever you take a large fall, it translates to skiing speed. Taking a fall off of most ledges and other high places while holding shift gives you a HUGE speed boost.


Having more space in your chest leads to more Kill♥♥♥♥ storage. You can have a max of 10 KF’s with no organs installed.

A little bit of cheese

Quitting and reloading the game results in most things respawning. Enemies and quest items will reload, so if you need more sacred herbs for either of the boxes in the forest temples you can easily abuse this.

I haven’t tested if this works on freezer organs yet.



The Sabretooth gun is located in the starting desert, I believe to the East on a large rock. It has infinite ammo but drains your health on reload. It also copies the abilities from your organs, so if you get the right elemental effects you can have a truly devastating weapon.

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