WW2 Rebuilder: Germany Prologue – 100% Full Achievement Guide

I couldn’t find any guide explaining the rewards in this game so I decided to make one, and I will explain it in the fastest and easiest way possible.

How to Obtain All Achievements

This game contains only 7 prizes, you will get them all in less than an hour and a half, if you encounter any problem please do not hesitate to write in the comments your problem and I will help you

SuperSTAR super!

  • Complete the level with five stars

In the first mission, in western Germany, you will have main missions and side missions, you have to complete them all to get 5 stars, after completing them all you will get this reward (You can view all the missions by pressing the “TAB” button then “journal”).

The Hunchback of Hamburg

  • Put the bell on the tower

In the first mission, in West Germany, near the church, you will find a garden with a fountain in the middle, and in the middle of the fountain there is a bell, all you have to do is clean the bell with a brush and then take it and go up the stairs in the bell tower of the church and you will find a place to restore and then put the bells and you will get the achievement.

This is my design…

  • Decorate the city

In a side mission in West Germany, you will be asked to decorate the city, the decoration is divided into 3 categories:

  • Plants first, you have to buy some plants or craft them from the table near the resource containers and spread them randomly in the city.
  • Second, the statues, in the same way as the plants.
  • Third, the decoration, buy some tables or lights and spread them in the city.

Secrets of Hamburg

  • Find all secrets

Just follow this video after you finish all the tasks and you will get the achievement.

In a healthy body a healthy mind

  • Eat an apple

Actually I’m not sure where you can get it.

Holy man

  • Build up a pulpit

You will get it when you complete the tasks.

Heavy machine enjoyer

  • Clean up destroyed building with buldozer

At the beginning of the first stage in West Germany, you will be able to ride buldozer, all you have to do drive it and clear some of the ruins of destroyed buildings and you will get this achievement

Pirate engineer

  • Put bricks on a boat and transport them to the other side.

In the West German mission, you will find a boat on the river on the second bank of the river, there is a building at the end of the street that allows you to pass to the other side to be able to reach the boat, next to the boat you will get a lot of bricks, all you have to put the bricks on the boat, and move it to The second bank and you will get the achievement

Written by Ibn alani


    • Np bro, In the same place you found the bell in, on your right there is a church, rebuild it, and there you will find a pulpit to the right of the main square of the church you can build it, build it and you will get the achievement

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