XDefiant – Godly ACR 6.8 Build Guide

Here is the excellent Godly ACR 6.8 Build presentation.

Guide to Godly ACR 6.8 Build

Description of Build

Extremely effective allows you to move swiftly and being able to kill your opponents close range at extremely fast speeds. Extremely deadly with the correct playstyle and understanding of weapon. Very good in close-mid range fights, it is a bit questionable long distance all though it can be very good with good understanding of weapon + recoil.

After hours of playing with this build I’ve realized a passive/aggressive playstyle is what benefits the most from this build it allows you to be an anchor for your team hold positions very well.

One CON I’ve realized using this weapon and honestly the only one if you are someone like myself who usually gets in kill streaks of 8+ you usually run out of ammo due to the extreme Fast fire rate that makes you shoot loads of bullets very fast.


This weapon loadout wont make you insane straight off the bot there has to be an understanding of how the gun works and developing a playstyle around the weapon to fully get a feel for the gun/loadout.

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