Yet Another Zombie Survivors – How to Complete Isolated City (Tips / Tricks)

Isolated City Guide

Prioritize weapon upgrades as those are you main source of damage

  • Weapons are your top source of damage across all characters, when available be sure to prioritize a weapon upgrade

Learn to move through the zombies

  • Movement is your best offense and defense
  • Learn how to move through and around the zombies, not allowing yourself to get surrounded
  • Avoid the corners and edge of the map as those areas are easy to become surrounded
  • Pay attention to the runners as they are far more of a threat then the walkers
  • Don’t put yourself in a bad spot going for drops, pull the zombies to another area then loop back to the drop when the area is clear

Learn which skills work well for you, which skills you should avoid, and how to get the MOST use out of the skill

  • Sawblade; position yourself so the blades hit the most amount of zombies while rotating
  • Minefield; pull groups of walkers over the mines ti get the most kills per mine
  • Sentry Turret; keep the group of zombies near the turret to get the most damage
  • Helicopter; try to time the positioning of the group of zombies with the helicopters path
  • Electric Turret; position yourself so the zombies have to cross the turret to get to you
  • Electrocute; try to time the cooldown while being near the group of zombies to get the most damage

Optimize your damage

  • If you are using a weapon with single target damage such as Sniper or Bow try to avoid moving and spinning around as much as that causing your accuracy to greatly decrease
  • If you are using a weapon with aoe damage such as rocket launcher or flamethrower try to group up the zombies and position yourself to deal the most damage to the group instead of the single zombies

Bosses spawn multiple times throughout a run, knowing WHEN and HOW to deal with them will make or break a run

  • 2 minutes runner zombies spawn
  • 5 minutes 1 boss spawns
  • 7 minutes 1 boss spawns
  • 9 minutes 10 bosses spawn

Running in a direct path is best when dealing damage to bosses as your weapons are more accurate. Try to stay close enough to the bosses when prioritizing damage so your characters aggro the bosses and not the common zombies. If the bosses are an issue the best solution i’ve found is huntress ice arrows).

Hope any of this helps, if you have any questions or more tips and suggestions please comment!

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