Yggdra Union – How to Change Durant into Dragon Knight

This is a quick guide to change Durant from Knight into Dragon Knight class.

How To

Durant can be promoted to Dragon Knight for 3 turns and becomes stronger than his Knight counterpart. He gains Scythe weapon, Wasteland bonus, Void Fire and advantage against Dragon Knights thanks to his equipped item. All you need is an item called “Stray Dragon”.

Step 1: Go to Battlefield 43 and go to this location, no need to rush because you eventually can go there.

Step 2: In the next preparation (Starting from BF 44), equip the Stray Dragon to Durant and he Automatically changes into Dragon Knight

Remember! This item lasts 3 maps so techincally this one was made for the final battle against Gulcasa and Nessiah. It’s also very useful in the extra map (BF 49, Hard Mode only).

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