Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Endymion Pendulum Guide

In this guide, I’ll go quickly over some pros & cons about playing Endymion Pendulum and some general Information about the deck!

Guide to Endymion Pendulum


Wow, you actually want to read & play the archetype that has the card with the most text on it? Congratulations then, since if you do that you’ll have read more text than 80% of all Yu-Gi-Oh! Players!

But in all seriousness, Endymion Pendulum is quite a unique deck for all of those who want to play Pendulum and seems to be the best Pendulum deck in the Format right now. Most of the main cards are straight forward, but there’s some spice you can put into your deck, but we’ll get to that later!

Why Would I Want to Read So Much?

As said in the Introduction, Endymion Pendulum seems to be the best Pendulum Deck at the moment in the Format, so if you feel like playing a strong Pendulum Deck, pick it up. And even if the high amount of text seems threatening to some people at first, I can assure it’s actually less than you think. Most of the text on the card comes from just describing what the cards can do by removing Spell Counters.

It offers a unique Playstyle by using the Pendulum-mechanic and has alot of different routes to get to it’s endboards. This in return also means that the deck has a high skill ceiling. So be prepared to ♥♥♥♥ up some combos when starting to learn the deck, but don’t be afraid!

So instead of wasting more time with these things, let’s get into the pro’s and con’s

Advantages & Disadvantages

Since Endymion is a Combo deck, it’s obvious to say that it suffers from the same weakness that most of the Combo decks do: Maxx “C”

It will weaken your endboard drastically or just outright end your turn immediately if you don’t open “Called by the Grave” or somehow get a “Jackal King” onto the field with two spare Spell Counters. But even if it Maxx C hits you, in most cases you can still be able to get one or two negates onto the field.

But let’s get into the more deck-specific negatives and positives:


  • A lot of different routes and consistency to get to a desired Endboard.
  • Able to put out a negate before reaching the 5th Summon (take that magical flying rock!).
  • You can use most generic Spellcaster Support (Hidden Village of the Spellcasters, Magician’s Soul, Magician’s Right Hand).
  • Selene/Accesscode OTK is available.
  • Tech Options available.
  • Access to different endboards.
  • People can’t read and try to destroy your Endymion/Cerberus with Spell Effects sometimes.


  • Multiple cards that can instakill you (e.g. Imperial Order, Solemn-ing your Pendulum Summon, Dark Ruler No More, Forbidden Droplets).
  • Pendulum’s deckspace is tight, which is the reason for not playing any handtraps. So going Second you’re playing a game of “Break my board”.
  • Really expensive. Even tough most cards are in the same Pack, they’re mostly UR/SRs and you also have to get some essential URs/SRs from other packs. (Pot of Desires, Electrumite).
  • Some hands have crucial weakpoints which your opponent can abuse (Using Ash Blossom on your Cerberus scale effect. Now you’re stuck with a stupid scale!).
  • Even tough not alot played, Kaiju/Ra Sphere Mode ♥♥♥♥♥ your board.

The Bread and Butter

Endymion has some really strong playmakers, which you should try to resolve most of the time for your combos.

First and most obvious would be “Servant of Endymion”

Her Pendulum-Scale effect allows you to remove three Spell Counters from herself to Special Summon a Monster with 1000 ATK or more on which you can place Spell Counters, and also gives her and the summoned Monster a Spell Counter each.

So basically, she already makes your Endymion indestructible, if you choose to summon him through the effect, and gives you a body to link away for Electrumite. However, sometimes it’s better to get an early Jackal King onto the field (Especially if you notice that you’re opponent seems to be able to react to your actions).

Cerberus go boom, Institution gain Counter!

A strong two-card Combo is Master Cerberus paired together with Mythical Institution.

Master Cerberus can destroy itself in your Pendulum Scale to search for another “Myhtical Beast” Monster in your deck. By Searching a Jackal King and using his Pendulum Effect to destroy himself and Special Summon the destroyed Master Cerberus. Doing this grants you four Spell Counters on your Magical institution and a body on board for Electrumite later.

With the four Spell Counters you can basically search for your needed scale, or just about any low level Monster in your deck!

Electrumite, our lord and savior

Without a doubt the best card in the whole deck, it enables you to search any Pendulum Monster you want and send it to your Extra deck at the cost of destroying one card on the field (which can trigger again Mythical Institution). Most of the time you can put one of your useless/unnecessary scales into your Pendulum Zone and trigger Electrumite (Watch out for Handtraps though!).

You should always aim to actually Pendulum Summon when you get Electrumite out or a Selene. Pendulum Summoning before it should only be done in bad hands/dire situations.

Notable Things and Tech Options

Of course Endymion has some other tricks up his sleeve, so if you’re looking for some more Information/Spice, here it is:

General Info

  • Endymion’s Pendulum Scale effect can be a Gamechanger, since it’s a Spell Effect (so unaffected by Skill Drain) and does NOT target. If you can destroy 3+ cards with Endymion’s Scale effect, it’s game most of the time.
  • Magical Abductor is also quite a good card for the deck and helps to boost it’s consistency. However, it also requires some investment with it’s three Spell Counters.
  • Keep track of spell counters. Don’t Summon an Endymion just to notice that his negate isn’t live and you don’t have anything to bounce back for it.
  • Magical Citadel of Endymion is another card I’d heavily recommend for the deck. It can once per turn substitute itself for effects which remove Spell Counters, which helps with drawing late into a Servant.
  • Playing Called by the Grave is pretty much a must in here.


  • You can run three copies of “Thunder Dragon” and a copy of “Thunder Dragon Colossus” in your Extra deck. Activating Thunder Dragon’s effect in Hand and then Pendulum Summoning it allows you to summon Colossus, who can win games on his own or heavily cripple decks that rely on searching.
  • “Magician’s Soul’s” + “Magician’s Restage” is a combo that allows you to draw a (or even two) card(s) and search for “Magician’s Right Hand”, a permanent Spell that negates the first activated Spell effect from your opponent.
  • “Secret Village of the Spellcasters” serves a similar purpose as Magician’s Right Hand, but is only searchable through Terraforming. However it’s also better, as it stays permanently on the field and just blocks your opponent from using Spell cards in general.
  • “Kai-Den Kendo Spirit” is a Pendulum Scale 9 Monster. This allows you to Pendulum Summon Master Cerberus from the Extra deck, which is something that you can’t do in normal Builds. Also, on a successful Pendulum Summon he can bounce himself back to your Hand from the Pendulum Zone, allowing you to generate more Spell Counters.


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