Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – How to Go On a Crusade Against the Extradeck & Bring Judgment to Mechaba and DPE

Guide to Go On a Crusade and Bring Judgment

Step 1

  • Activate Nadir Servant, send Herald of the Arc light to search White Knight of Dogmatika & Dogmatikalamity.

Step 2

  • Activate Dogmatikalamity send Titaniklad summon White knight, End Phase summon Ecclesia search Fleur de Lis.

Step 3

Your opponent activates anything:

  • You: Deus Vult!

Optional Step 1.5

  • Hardopen a nekroz of unicore, search nekroz kaleidoscope instead of dogmatikalamity, then kaleidoscope unicore send another Herald of the Arc Light, search Dogmatikalamity.

I will encourage anyone reading this to commit warcrimes against cards in your opponents extra deck. May Maximus bring light and glory to master duel!

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