Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Invoked Combo Guide

The aim of this guide is to teach you the combos for the Invoked archetype.

Guide to Invoked Combo

The key spell card is Invocation.

It can be searched by Aleister The Invoker, who is the main monster to start your plays.

Aleister himself is searchable by the Field Spell, Magical Meltdown. It provides some great protection for your fusion plays by preventing the activation your Spells which Fusion Summon from being negated, and won’t allow your opponent to respond to the Fusion Summons either!

Let’s Go!

  • Start off by Normal Summoning Aleister, and use his effect to grab a copy of Invocation.
  • Next, perform a Link Summon. Send Aleister from the field to the GY and summon Salamangreat Almiraj from your Extra Deck!
  • Next is another Link Summon. Turn that Almiraj into a Secure Gardna.
  • Now, activate your Invocation. Banish the Aleister from the GY and the Secure Gardna from your field, to Fusion Summon Invoked Mechaba! Once per turn, you can negate a card’s activation by discarding a card of the same type (Monster/Spell/Trap).
  • Next, activate your Invocation’s effect in the GY, shuffling itself into the deck to return your banished Aleister to the hand.

Just by using one card, you now have a monster negate at the minimum, and potential plays next turn if you don’t end up discarding Aleister!

This same combo allows you to summon the powerful Invoked Purgatrio, letting you deal some serious damage if you use Aleister’s secondary effect!

If you’re low on extra deck space, you can play Artemis, the Magistus Moon Maiden instead of the previously mentioned 2 Link Monsters. This lets you summon Mechaba but only uses 1 slot in your Extra Deck as opposed to 2!

Don’t forget that there are many Invoked fusion monsters to choose from, and Invocation allows you to use monsters from your opponent’s GY too. Try to take a look if any of the other Fusions peak your interest.

I hope this guide has explained how this powerful Normal Summon based engine works and potentially inspired you to incorporate it into some of your strategies.

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