Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Shop Guide (Card Packs, Structure Decks and Accessories)

Guide to Shop

Shop Overview

You can purchase various Card Packs, Structure Decks, and Accessories at the Shop.

Card Packs

You can purchase the following kinds of Card Packs at the Shop:

Regular Packs

Choose between the limited-time Selection Packs for spotlighted cards, and the Master Packs which are always available.

Secret Packs

These packs appear for a limited time when you obtain a Key Card (specific cards among UR and SR cards) from a Card Pack.

Bonus Pack

These packs can be purchased with Tickets obtained throughout the game.

Structure Decks

These Decks have been built around a set theme and are ready to play right after purchase!

They also come with their own Deck Boxes upon your first purchase. Great value for any Duelist!


Accessories do not affect what happens in Duels. However, they can change the appearance of your Duel screen, giving you a more enjoyable Dueling experience.

Here are the Accessories that you can purchase from the Shop:


These are characters that hang out with you by the field as you Duel. They will react differently depending on what happens during the Duel.

Duel Field

You can use these to change your background and the design of your field. These also come with Field Parts for cards sent to the Graveyard and/or banished, plus a Mate’s Base to place your Mate on.


These will change the design on the backs of your cards during Duels.


These are hexagonal pictures that are displayed next to the player’s name during a Duel. They will also be displayed in the player’s profile.


You can purchase Duel Passes and exclusive Bundle Deals in “Special.”

Duel Passes

  • These passes allow you to collect points after each PvP Duel for you to earn various rewards.
  • Duel Passes (Gold) will give you more special rewards compared to Duel Passes (Normal).

Bundle Deals

Special products that have Accessories, cards, etc. at an exclusive price.

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