Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Useful Tips and Tricks for New Players

Here you can find some tips and tricks for beginners.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

What deck to pick from the 3 options?

The Link deck is probably the best out of the box but that’s deceptive. The Synchro deck is going to have an easier time just shoving in whatever you want in there so long as it’s a Synchro, while the Dragon Fusion there is for the cool guys and the people who realize that it’s probably better to grab generic support where you can.

It’s better to look at the utility in the deck itself instead of the overall piece. You can chose Synchro because it has some good spell and traps to start off with. The game says you can eventually get the decks you didn’t pick later so it shouldn’t matter in the long run.

So you can pick the others by clearing quest. don’t worry follow your hearth, trust your cards.

Structure deck

You can buy up to 3 of the same structure decks from the store. And there is a point in buying them more than once. With 3x the same structure deck you can build a decent playable deck.

Most structure decks are weak on their own but with 3x you can build a decent budget deck because you will have as many copies (usually 3) of the best cards from the structure deck that decreases RNG for drawing needed cards.

Also sometimes a deck build from 3x the same structure deck is meta for a certain time, like it was with monarchs, back then you could have a meta deck just with 3x the structure deck and a few single cards from boosterpacks.

Note: Some of structure decks only include x1-x2 of a card that’s particularly powerful so it warrants getting multiples to a fully “optimized” card line-up. the real life salamangreat deck is such an example.

Strong deck for a beginner player

Try a Blue Eyes deck. You can find builds online for one pretty easy and they are simply to understand decks. They aren’t top tier mind you, but they are a good intro to some mechanics and how they work in the game.

As for what you should have as staples, make sure you have some ash blossoms and effect veilers on hand. You might not encounter big plays early on in ranked, but you will once you start going up.

How to play Sky Striker?

Engage and Widow Anchor is the two most important cards, read their card description carefully and memorize it, also it sky strikers effectively turn all your spell cards into spell speed 4 while recycling them all in the same turn. spell speed 4 is when something which happens that cannot be responded to due to it being the cost to activate the effect.

Survive with old decks

there’s a lot of old staples (cards that will forever be played) that still exist to this day, and a lot of decks are some bastardized variants of the old ones; either through cheese turbo (throw out one big monster as fast as possible) or from archetype releases.

If you’re a fan of e-heroes for example, Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer may be the deck for you. It still uses some of the old cards you may be familiar with, but with a fresh new coat of paint, and is incredibly simple and fun to use.

Cyber Dragons are also still viable in many ways, but you’ll have to learn some newer mechanics for that.

There are also a lot of old faces you may notice that still have relevancy! For instance, Dark Magician, Blue Eyes, Red Eyes, and Harpies have all gotten entire decks themed around them, so you’re spoiled for choice in a nostalgia trip!

Is buying master packs the only way to build my deck?

You can destroy cards you don’t want and then craft the ones you want just like in Hearthstone.

Auto deck build

There isn’t a auto deck build, the game does lend you some archetypes decks on the solo missions.

50 pack free

The PC version does not have free packs like the PSN or Android versions. But they are legacy packs from a pool of 3300 old cards, they are crap anyway. You are getting 50 packs with 2 cards each (100 cards total) in them and expect lots of normal’s like Feral Imp or Celtic Guardian in it.

Field skins doesn’t work in solo mode

The field in story mode is supposed to be you at the location, it is heavy RP.

Sucks a little but yeah custom fields are only in ranked and free mode.

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