Zenith MMO – Weapon and Armor Stats Guide

Guide to Weapon and Armor Stats

How to check the armor and weapons stats + additional secret slots in inventory.

You may find lots of different thing to wear in the game but the leveling system isn’t the most obvious (at least to me).

When you craft items or find them as loot, you can check the items’ stats by simply hovering with the pointer. But the first line with what supposed to a be level number doesn’t say that you need this level to actually wear it.

As you may see on the picture, I have only 17th LVL and the boots are at the LVL 18 (L18).

The L18 is the level of the item itself.

The following stats shows more details about the item:

  1. Armor (in case of armor) – Number of Armor points that (Armor Icon in my, no the shield).
  2. Primary stat – the minimum level you should be to wear the item.
  3. Brainiac \ Vanguard \ Mighty – Attackers (subclass I guess) (Increased Support\Defense\Attack) – additional modifier of your stats. It increases your stats according to the description. Unfortunately, I haven’s seen any numbers there , so I had to just put on\off things to check the difference.

So sometimes, it’s good to have some items with the primary stat lower then its level to quickly level up your other subclasses. Because when you switch to another subclass, the things you were may be dropped to the inventory due to low level of the subclass.

There is another hint but this looks like a game bug, so use it carefully to do not loos the loot.

If you do not have enough space in the inventory, but you want to keep some low level things for your other subclasses, then yo may equip the low level items, then switch general inventory tab to the Quest tab on the right plane. Once you’ve done that, you may drag-and-drop things equipped on your body to the Quest inventory tab by using trigger button. It may bi fixed later, so I would place there valuable things in case it may be deleted.

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