Zenless Zone Zero – Soldier 11 Agent Tips

Soldier 11 Tips

W Engines Ranked Top to Bottom:

  • S tier Brimstone (1 Star)
  • A tier Starlight Engine (Only better in a Lucy/Soukaku-less team)
  • A tier Cannon Rotor (Generally good, especially in a team with Lucy or Soukaku)
  • A tier Street Superstar (Also generally good, but requires you to focus on bursting as opposed to normal DPS)
  • A tier Steel cushion (Niche, better than Street and Cannon only in a burst team where you’re staying behind the enemy)
  • B tier Pleniluna (If you’re broke lol)

Best Teams:

  • Soldier 11 / Lucy / Koleda is generally the best team, Lucy gives off field damage and atk% buff to everyone, Koleda as a stun bot.
  • Soldier 11 / Ben / Koleda is very similar to the first team, Ben enhances Koleda and provides more daze (Meaning more stuns) + a shield that enhances crit rate to the user, but given Soldier has a lot of crit rate already, Lucy is generally a better choice.
  • Soldier 11 / Lucy / Piper is the f2p team, doesn’t feel as nice since Piper will be triggering disorders which yes deal damage but also remove burning, meaning that you will be losing Inferno’s crit rate (Drive disk), Piper also gives a nice 18 dmg% buff that doesn’t conflict with Lucy’s atk%.

Drive Disks:

  • Inferno Metal 4p, Woodpecker electro 2p.
  • Inferno Metal 4p, Puffer electro 2p.

For stats, focus on Crit dmg% wherever you can, Soldier has a lot of Crit rate% already, drive disk 4 should be crit dmg%, disk 5 can be dmg%/pen%/atk%, and disk 6 has to be atk%

Anything unrelated is mostly non viable for her, she is very awkward to fit into a team because she’s the only character as of today of the Oboi squad faction, meaning she kinda has to stay in a mono fire team

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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