Zenless Zone Zero – Starting Tips for New Players

Team Comps for Noobs

  • Soldier 11, Ben Bigger, Grace

Units get small buffs when paired with allies of the same attribute or faction. Soldier’s EX Skill infuses her attacks with Fire, so make sure to use them when her energy fills. Ben Bigger works well with counters and grants shields to your allies, use him for parries. Grace Howard is an anomaly-type who builds up charges, then launches them with her EX Skill to procure Shock Anomaly effect.

Rotate between Grace and Soldier 11 at intervals, and use Ben defensively.

Characters Tips


  • Stun type, works well with counters and combos, use EX Skill and Ultimate AFTER you launch 3 basic attacks because she launches them quicker inside a combo.

Soldier 11:

  • Attacks are enhanced when she uses EX Skill. Ultimate is bonkers, focus on upgrading whatever depending on your playstyle, she’s rather easy to play with.


  • Use her for chain attacks together with anyone because she’s a good AoE crowd control unit.


  • Use her as a secondary attacker, not a primary attacker. Her opening moves are shit, but her EX Skill can be held and the latter moves of her combo are what really make her shine.


  • Low damage, HIGH range. Best used for crowds and sweeping up small fries.


  • Unique trait, his EX Skill makes him enter burst mode. Attacks and stuff are enhanced in this state.


  • Good AoE control just like Nicole, can freeze enemies. Low synergy due to her having the least amount of matching people. But faction buffs are small anyways.

Piper Wheel:

  • Her damage isn’t what matters. Her Anomaly Trigger is what matters. Build up passive and make enemy anomaly meter hit max because it causes massive damage, then switch to any other damage dealer.

Combat Tips

  • Enemies flash yellow, that means dodge (or switch counter).
  • Switch counter means to switch characters, which will automatically trigger the defensive switch and PARRY the enemy.
  • Enemies flash red, that means dodge ONLY.
  • Enemies have two bars that fill up when you attack them. The yellow bar is the stun bar, the circular bar is the Anomaly bar.
  • The Stun bar stuns them when it hits max, self-explanatory. Using skills on stunned enemies can trigger chain attacks.
  • The Anomaly bar triggers the anomaly effect when it hits max. Anomalies depend on the element (or attribute) of the person that triggers it.

Anomaly Characters:

Specialize in building up the Anomaly Meter. The Anomaly meter is a separate meter from the stun bar, characterized by a circular attribute icon. It procures an Anomaly effect instead of Stunning the Character, which deals massive damage.

Stun Characters:

Specialize in building up the Stun Meter. The Stun meter is yellow (unlike the Anomaly Meter which changes color depending on your character), and stuns the enemy when it reaches max. You can launch chain attacks on stunned enemies, dealing massive damage as well.

General Tips

Step 1 Build your team with an attack agent, a stun agent and a support agent. As of now the free characters you get fulfill that role in the cunning hares and they do what they sound like: anby stuns, Billy attacks and Nicole supports the two doing so.

Step 2 Understand what each of the characters you have does. Some may deal attacks directly or in large areas of effect like Billy while others like Anton and Ellen require building energy or stacks of some sort to optimize their damage and moveset. Just reading over their moveset or watching a short character guide is enough to understand the fundamentals of each character.

Step 3 is learning how the enemies fight which is something gained through practice and playing. This game has more of a feel requirement to it, but to get used to things the typical route you want to take is stun enemy > use support to buff or assist > use attacker to deal damage while stunned. After learning those basics you can start to weave in dodge counters, parries and the like to optimize things.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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