ZERO Sievert – How to Become OP (Overpowered) in No Time

Become OP

Starts your game with any class, I rank them by this: AK with full gear > Sniper > AK > SKS > Pistol.

  • Accepts all tasks, buy ammo from the shop, go to forest
  • See the gray area? that’s where you grind, once killed all six members, exits the map to sell those gun you looted.
  • Unload all weapon you finds, keeps grinding at the gray area in forest, will never runs out of ammo or food.
  • Buy the heaviest backpack from medic as soon as possible.
  • Collect the following weapons:
    • Durability does not matter(meaning just pick up one from the ground):A pistol, A sniper better with 55 damage+, SKS
    • Durability really matters keeps it above 70(Buys form the shop or something): AK, a sub-machine gun that uses pistol bullets.
  • Try this loadout: Light weight for more looting: just sniper, or any gun with a pistol
  • Going out at night you will die a lot, not worth it.
  • Get the best armor from medic for 100000
  • There’s a guy in the forest posting [collect 10 meat] task, his death is permanent, maybe don’t kill him?

The rest is too easy.

What to do after you are OP:

  • Runs around the map killing everyone for loots, never runs out of food or ammo.
  • Collect all types of weapons utilizing all unique ammo types.

Want more challenging gameplay? Run a few game with pistol/sniper only to clear the whole map.

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