ZERO Sievert – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZERO Sievert?

  • Developed by CABO Studio, ZERO Sievert is a post-apocalyptic shooter inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Escape From Tarkov. This survival tense top-down shooter challenges you to scavenge the wasteland, take out bandits, and explore what’s left of this world.

When will it be released?

  • The Early Access version of the game will be available November 15th 2022!

What about the 1.0? When will the full game launch?

  • We’ll have more to say regarding dates in due course, but the full game will launch in 2023.

Will there be a multiplayer option?

  • Currently we have no multiplayer plans – ZERO Sievert has been designed as a single-player experience. Who knows what the future holds for ZERO Sievert, however!

What languages are available?

  • The Early Access game will be launched with English only, with Chinese and Korean localisation incoming during EA.

Can I carry on my demo save when early access is live?

  • Demo save games will not be compatible with the game when early access is available.

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