ZERO Sievert – Water Tips

Tips on How to Maintain Water Supplies

  • You can get water by buying it from the bartender in the Bunker, you can also craft water at the crafting table in your room.
  • Even after you have a kitchen you can make clean water faster.
  • And if you have trouble getting water, you can buy Blue Stem at the Doctor.
  • Buy all of the water & milk from the bar everyday after 7:30.
  • You can drink the rotten water before crafting to recover more thirst if the rads isn’t a problem. It’s 30 thirst from 2x rotten water, versus 20 for pure water.
  • Don’t eat dry food like dry bread or raw meat, buy bread & cooked meat from the bar and craft meat sandwiches instead. Every time you eat dry bread you lose another 3 thirst, which is pointless because as you said, food is plentiful, so why deplete your thirst.
  • Try eating rotten cheese instead of dry bread. Again if rads aren’t a problem for you. It’s cheap too. The bar sells some.

As long as you follow the above and stay away from dry bread/raw meat you should be more than fine. You’re basically digging yourself into a hole if you consume those things. One of the best ways to have more water is to prevent losing it in the first place.

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