Zombie Parking – Weapon Guide

This guide explains how the weapons work, along with a good strategy including tips.

Guide to Weapon


Hello! Welcome to the Zombie Parking Weapon Guide. This guide will explain the following:

  • The weapons and how they work
  • Strategies for the weapons
  • Pointers for both weapons


The Shotgun

The shotgun is one of the two weapons that you are equipped with in Zombie Parking. The shotgun is a good use for taking zombies down by themselves or in a pair. Despite it being a shotgun, it is not good at spraying enemies down. Another good use for the shotgun is getting headshots, its very hard to miss as long as you aim at the head

The AK-47

The AK-47 is the second weapon that you are equipped with in Zombie Parking. The AK-47 is great for taking down crowds of zombies (mainly around the later waves of zombies). Another great use is for taking down gas canisters.


Waves Strategy

There are different moments where the spawn rate of zombies in a zombie parking game that I will to refer to as “waves”

First Few Waves

The shotgun is going to be your main weapon for the first few waves. There aren’t many zombies during this point, so there isnt really a reason to use the AK to spray down crowds just yet. That is unless you want to get better combos, but I might save that for a different guide.

The Next Few Waves

The next waves will have small clumps of zombies during this part. You’ll still be using the shotgun as a main, but the AK will definitely be used a bit more in this part. Be a bit more careful about picking up ammo and power ups. The zombies collision is a bit broken and it can trap you into a game over

The Other Waves

From now on, you’ll be running from crowds, and using the shotgun to kill zombies in your way. You want to circle zombies near cars. This will have it so you can fire gas canisters so that most zombies in the area will explode. This will be enough drops for ammo and power ups to collect.

Power Up Strategy

There isnt many power up strategies to talk about except for the invincibility and infinite ammo.

Infinite Ammo

Infinite ammo is a very rare power up to get but it is an amazing power up to wipe out crowds for more time to think. When the infinite ammo power up comes by, equip your AK and start firing down enemies


When you obtain this power up, it is great to use the shotgun to gain more headshots. When aiming, you are slower and the zombies can catch up to you. The invincibility power up counters that problem. So rack up headshots for a better score with this power up.

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