Zumbi Blocks 2 – How to Defeat the Zumbie Queen (Open Alpha)

If you have ever tried to kill the Zumbie Queen and it has failed, you have come to the right place. I will show you how to kill her with straightforward steps and weapons that won’t be too hard to find.

Guide to Kill the Zumbie Queen


Weapons are critical when it comes to killing zombies. It’s basic knowledge, but the Queen isn’t any regular zombie, so you’ll need some mighty guns. The best guns you can use our rifles, snipers, assault rifles, LMGs, and the riot shotgun that the riot Zumbie drops, but don’t forget about ammo. You should carry a few hundred to kill the Queen without going dry on ammo. My recommended amount on how much you should have is 300-400 if you determine that not all of your bullets hit their target. It would be best if you also carried shotguns and light machine guns, but those won’t be used for the Queen and instead will be used to kill the zombies in the metal works, and you’ll see why in the next step.


Consumables are essential when trying to stay alive, and you should always have some when facing any problematic boss to prevent yourself from dying. Some consumables you should always keep are cough syrup, bandages, and some drinks and food. You should always have them equipped in case of emergency or if you think you might be too low on health that you’re comfortable with, and when it comes to the Queen, you should always be prepared for any high-dealing damage.

Entering the Metal Works

The metal works is a vast maze and are sometimes challenging to go through, especially for those who are not good at mazes in general, but that’s not a problem to worry about; what you do have to worry about is the number of zombies that are in the metal works, and when it comes to them you are going to need a gun to mow all of them down, and that’s why you should carry a light machine gun. Some good guns would be the grease gun and the ppsh since they only use pistol ammo and won’t use up you’re more powerful rifle and sniper ammo. Besides, they’re just regular zombies but in abundance, so using a heavy machine gun might be overkill. Also, remember to always reload after killing a group of zombies so you do not have to have an empty magazine while you are killing zombies.

Killing the Queen

Once you have killed all the zombies in the metal works, change to the most powerful gun you have and also make sure all of your weapons are fully loaded just in case and you have your consumables equipped. If necessary take a few consumables to have more health and stamina just in case if you need to run or got hit. Now that you are ready for combat start getting close until she wakes up it’s best to get her stuck in the stairs and shoot her with a shotgun since those do more damage a closer range and you can get close to her without worrying about getting hit by her spear, but that doesn’t mean you are invulnerable to her acid balls so be careful if she throws them.

Once you have lowered one of her three heath bars change to a mid-range gun if you have one and try to find a place to take cover, she starts getting extremely aggressive the more you lower her health. Once you are done with some half of your heath, change to a long-range weapon. She starts throwing a handful of acid balls and starts shooting a laser beam out of her mouth, you want to be as far as possible but still be able to shoot her, she will continuously throw balls and shoot lasers so keep your heath up and keep your distance. Try different methods that suit you for defense and offense, and always keep an eye out just in case a zombie is coming after you so you don’t get attacked from behind. I hope my guide helped you with defeating the boss.

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