Dishonored 2 – BAFTA Art Presentations

When the first Dishonored released in 2012, Arkane Studios could only dream of the incredibly high praise its new IP would receive from fans, critics and award judges across the globe. As dreams became a reality and over 100 Game of the Year awards were scooped, it hit the studio that the pressure was now on to make a sequel that would be even better. No time to sit back and enjoy the limelight, every second would count when it came to preparing what would happen next in the world of Dishonored.

One of the many Game of the Year awards the Arkane team won was from BAFTA, the universally renowned British Academy of Film and Television Art. When BAFTA heard that a Dishonored sequel was on its way, it invited Arkane to address the subject of what it takes to follow up a Game of the Year winner.

In the following videos, Arkane’s Art Director, Sebastien Mitton, and Level Design Director, Christophe Carrier, discuss the pressures they went through to raise the bar for Dishonored 2. They touch on a wide variety of subjects and reveal a number of personal and humorous stories about that journey.

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