Distant Worlds 2 – Update Notes & Changes v

This build will reset the game’s settings. Unfortunately this is required while we continue troubleshooting issues that are preventing some players from being able to play Distant Worlds 2. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Notes and Changes to Update v

Important note: There is now a new startup log in the /data/logs sub-folder of the Distant Worlds 2 installation.

This is also where any crash logs are located. If you are experiencing an issue, please post these logs for us along with the issue report.

Important note: There is a new GameSettingsOverride.txt in the /data sub-folder of the Distant Worlds 2 installation.

The settings here may help some players experiencing a black screen on load issue.

Important note: If you are experiencing performance issues use the key combination Shift + tilde to enable an overlay on the top left which will confirm for us which GPU DW2 is using on your system as well as other performance parameters.

General notes: We hope that the content streaming memory fix and the improved rendering memory management could fix some of the reported crashes and help with performance dropping over time for some players.

Unfortunately we cannot duplicate the black screen, frequent crashing or unusually bad performance issues on our systems, but we are working to continue investigating them and addressing all possible causes through this and future updates.

Changes in the Build

Display and rendering

  • Fixed faulty display resolution detection at game start.
  • Improved resolution of correct display adapter when specific adapter requested.
  • Disabled fixed timestep updates (higher fps).
  • Allow toggling on-screen fps and other rendering data using shift-tilde (top-left corner of most keyboards), which allows seeing which display adapter is being used.

Crash and hang fixes

  • Fixed crash when empire has revolution and changes government.
  • Fixed hang where fighters at colonies would lock up when their parent colony was wiped out.
  • Fixed hang where exploration ship attempts to explore a location that has nebula sensor disablement that exceeds its scan power.


  • Asteroids are now explored much quicker than planets, moons or stars (for both scan and survey).
  • Ensure all necessary resources in prewarp home system are discoverable at initial tech levels, even when already present.


  • Reduced envy factor in diplomacy when have positive diplomatic strategy for other faction (‘we are envious of your huge strength and power’).
  • Envy factor in diplomacy now grows more gradually.


  • More careful about evaluating systems inside nebulae and related logic.
  • Rebalanced loading of game processing for large games with many ships.
  • Fixed ships sometimes getting stuck salvaging debris when has bonuses but came from one of own empire’s ships.
  • Construction ships now more careful to avoid building at distant locations (even in same system) when do not have hyperdrive.
  • No longer generate error sound and effect when move mouse off scrollbar while scrolling a panel or list.

Changes in the Update

  • Improved handling when graphics device is reset.
  • Improved auto-detection of default screen refresh rate.
  • Ensure file save/load dialog is shown even when hide user interface.
  • Added new GameSettingsOverride.txt file to allow manually setting graphics adapter, resolution, windowed mode. This should be a handy way for players to set stuff directly. Comments in file explain everything. Changes as below:

Extended new GameSetting Changes as below:

  • Extended new GameSettingsOverride.txt file to allow forcing game to run in exclusive fullscreen mode (GraphicsForceDedicatedFullScreen).
  • Added startup logging for game session (data/logs/SessionLog.txt).
  • Reenabled Windows registry settings for requesting high performance GPU mode.
  • Improved calculation of content streaming memory budget on systems with multiple graphics adapters.
  • Improved memory management for rendering in various situations.

Changes in the Update

  • Fixed crash that sometimes happens when have many game controllers and other devices.
  • Fixed User Interface Size showing options that are invalid for the current screen resolution.
  • Improved handling of High DPI settings in Windows.
  • Added settings to ensure NVidia video cards run in high performance mode – should fix a number of crashes and performance problems.
  • Fixed rare crash when moving characters via dropdown list in Character screen.
  • Fixed rare rendering crash.
  • Fixed rare crash when ship design could not be found when updating render data.
  • Improved performance at location level when many ships and lots of running lights.
  • Fixed bug in Start New Game screen where could select race-specific government types when select random race.
  • No longer prevent construction ships from carrying out base-building when waiting for response on advisor suggestions for repairing abandoned ships or bases.
  • Hooked up instability and unhappiness after a government change, leader loss, etc (‘Have Revolution’ button).
  • Construction ships no longer feel tempted to repair fighters.
  • Fixed bug in some game events that was causing loss of a colony.
  • Fixed wrong tooltip text on buttons in Character Detail screen for captured prisoners.
  • Further fixes to crashes after lengthy play sessions.
  • Further improvements to performance by making sure GPU runs at maximum performance instead of sometimes using power-saving mode.

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