Duck Tales: Webby To The Rescue! is Available Now for ZX Spectrum

Duck Tales: Webby To The Rescue!

The N10 Team is a small independent game developer. And we’d like to introduce Duck Tales: Webby To The Rescue, our first ZX Spectrum 48K game! This is a free game that we created to celebrate our love for Speccy and Duck Tales. Our team hopes that you, as well as everyone else who plays the game, will enjoy it and spend an evening with the Kempston controller, just like in the old days.

Uncle Scrooge, his nephews, and Webby set out for the Carpathian Mountains, where Fort Cockroach, a long-abandoned old castle, is located. Untold riches are said to be hidden there, and no one has ever been able to find them. Scrooge and his nephews, however, fall into a trap when they reach the treasury in the castle’s dungeon. Webby, tired of waiting outside for anyone, gathers a few stones by the river and decides to enter the old castle to find and save her friends.

Try to find the best ending and make Uncle Scrooge happy with the treasures you’ve discovered.

Happy playing!

How to Install the Game

This game requires an installed ZX Spectrum emulator. You can also play it on a real ZX Spectrum by loading it via a connected smartphone in the ZX Tape Player or PlayZX or other software for loading games.

Based on a heavily modified Churrera 3.99.2 Engine by The Mojon Twins.

  • Download from the official page – [49 kB] It’s free!

Game Screenshots

English Version:


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