Fishing Planet – Clubs, New Fishing Mechanics and Animation Patch Notes (4.5.1)

Patch Notes

Hey anglers! This patch includes two main features we want to introduce to you:

Fishing Planet Clubs

Today we introduce the feature we put lots of energy and passion into. With the positive feedback we have received after Beta Testing we are happy to present you Clubs.

So anglers, get ready! If your rod is cast while reading, don’t forget about the bell, so you don’t miss your fish, and let’s dive deeper into the Club community!

New Fishing Mechanic and Animations

We want to introduce you to Pulling-up, a new fishing mechanic we are very excited to implement.

As our mission is to create a fishing experience that is as close to real life as possible, we constantly improve our in-game fishing techniques and create new fishing opportunities for our players.

More about New Fishing Mechanic and Animations you can read here!


  • Friends count limit increased from 200 to 1000.
  • Buoy count limit increased by 200 (from 1500 to 1700).

Bugfix and Improvements

  • Performance issues fixed that appeared after closing Steam purchase overlay with ESC button.
  • Fixed UI issues in the chum mixing window.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect in-game currency count after selling some items from the inventory.
  • Fixed animation issue for Leviathan reel.
  • Fixed issues with the reset button in the video settings tab.
  • Chat on the pond was blocked after viewing fish in 3D in the inventory.
  • The weather in the weather selection and in-game are not in sync.
  • UGC various bugs fixed.
  • Issue with the avatar displaying fixed.
  • Some tournament issues were fixed.
  • Fixed bug with weather graph not functioning properly on the local map after reloading the client while in competitions.
  • Fixed menu performance issues on Hall of Fame on global map.
  • Fixed animation issues while using kayaks.
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Various minor bugfix.

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