Vampire Survivors – Legacy of the Moonspell DLC Content & Patch Notes (Version 1.2.0)

The new stage will appear right away in the Stage Selection menu. You’ll see 17 new entries in the Unlocks menu to guide you through the rest of the content. More info read below.

DLC & Patch 1.2.0

New Content

  • 1 new very important skin for Peppino


  • Added option to toggle maxed power ups.
  • When treasure chests are skippable, coin-only treasure chests will now just play a quick in-game animation.
  • Treasure chests containing Arcanas have a different colour.
  • Fix for overall kill count breaking on modded/corrupted saves.
  • Fixed infinitely bouncing carrello.
  • Minor fixes in bestiary.
  • Removed Floor Chicken requirement for Marrabbio.
  • Fixed non-looping music tracks: Castle People and I’m Every Reaper.
  • Added support for DLC.
  • Coffins will now spawn on maps even if you don’t have the Milky Way Map.
  • Pause menu map is now zoomed-in in Moongolow, The Bone Zone, and Mt.Moonspell.

Legacy of the Moonspell DLC Info


  • 1 new large stage, with different enemies spawning in different zones.
  • 8 new characters.
  • 13 new weapons and evolutions.
  • 6 new music tracks.

How to start the DLC?

  • If the Inlaid Library is unlocked, then the new stage will appear right away in the Stage Selection menu. You’ll see 17 new entries in the Unlocks menu to guide you through the rest of the content.

What if I want everything unlocked from the start?

  • There are Secret Spells you can use to unlock the content quickly.

There is no DLC when I start the game

  • Please make sure you’re on game version 1.2, as older versions won’t detect the content pack. Closing and reopening Steam to trigger an update should do the trick!

Will the game keep receiving free updates and content?

  • Yes, DLCs will always be purely extra content in terms of Stages, Monsters, Weapons, Characters etc.
  • Items, Power-ups, game mechanics and more will continue to be added to the base game, so if you don’t pick up the DLC you don’t have to fear missing out.
  • We’ll keep having free updates like the Tiny Bridge one for example.

Is there an evolution for 108 Bocce?

  • No, it’s supposed to be a very straightforward weapon. Never say never though…

Will the new music tracks be available in the Soundtrack?

  • Yes! Please keep an eye on the devlog in Discord to know when the soundtrack will be updated, otherwise it might take a while before we get the chance to let people know through Steam News.

Does the DLC have achievements?

  • Yes, we keep having in-game unlocks tied to platform achievements. We asked for support and we tried to separate them somehow (even the hacky ways…) but there isn’t a reliable way to do it at the moment. If we’ll ever get the option to separate achievement lists in the future, rest assured we will!

Is the DLC available on other platforms?

  • Yes, but not on mobile yet, that will be something for ealy next year as we figure out how to make it available in a fair way.

Why only $1.99?

  • The community is as usual very kind and we get a lot of this type of comments, some intended just as a compliment, some are actually serious. While I’m very grateful for the sentiment, just like for the main game, the DLC has a price that “feels right” to me and that reflects the production value of it.
  • For the past few months and for the DLC, we had amazing artists like Glauber Kotaki and Pitavant for the new graphics, Daniele Zandara and his new bangers with live recordings, that little surprise in the DLC trailer, a whole company to sustain to be able to launch on all current platforms, and yet poncle still needs time (and key people!) to be able to provide a higher production value. For the DLC I still had to fill some gaps by using asset packs for example, so a low price, and frequent discounts, simply seem fair.
  • We’ll charge more for new stuff when we’ll have something even better to offer, don’t worry and thank you once again!

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