Fallout 3 – Crash on Start for Laptops / Integrated Intel Graphics [Solved]

Fallout 3 crashing when you start a new game in the main menu? I tried a bunch of fixes but this is the one that worked!

How to Fix Crash on Start

I had to make an account but it’s free and the website is used for loads of mods etc. so should be trustworthy.

YouTube video example

The video example is very old and the text is hard to see but you can just about make it out, thank you to the original creator.


  1. Download the Intel HD graphics Bypass package
  2. Extract the file (this might be done automatically, but if in a zip then extract)
  3. Copy file ‘D3D9.dll’
  4. Paste this into This PC > Windows > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Fallout 3 goty
  5. Go back to the downloaded files folder and copy ‘FALLOUT’ (.ini/cog icon file) and paste this into the Fallout 3 folder (the same as we have done for the D3D9 file)
  6. Delete the original ‘Fallout_default’ ini/cog icon file from the Fallout 3 folder.

Then when you get to the main menu for Fallout 3 and go to start a new game, the opening cinematic should play and the game runs!

Hope this is helpful, this is as much as I know for fixes so if this doesn’t work please take a look at some of the other highly rated & updated guides!

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