Manor Lords – Exploits (Infinite Money and Influence)

Guide to Exploits

Unlimited Regional Wealth, Treasury and Influence

  • When a bandit camp appears in a neutral zone, attack the bandits before the enemy lord attacks.
  • Defeat the bandits and save the game.
  • Reload the same save file.
  • Move on to destroy their camp where you will get option to choose between regional wealth (First Option) and Treasury (Second Option). Go for anyone you like.
  • After few seconds another bandit camp will spawn. You will get influence after defeating the bandits.
  • Repeat the process of saving the game after defeating the bandits and reloading the same save file and then moving on to attack the camp.
  • By this method you will have ample treasury to full upgrade your retinue and hire mercenaries and ton of influence.
  • Until enemy lord or you decide to claim the territory, you can continue to use this game breaking exploit.

Infinite Tavern

If you pause your tavern while there is one beer in stock you can cheese your cities requirement for it.

Militia Teleportation Exploit

Disbanding them after barely entering home territory, then rallying them again, will teleport them to the town centre, thereby bypassing the time delay for the men to return to their workplaces.

How to Win Any Battle

Freezing Enimies Exploit

When a enemy comes to attack you, you can reload the last save autosave and their AI will be broken, Freezing them in place and allowing you to win whatever battle was set in place. I for example went to war with Zweihau and realized I messed up, went to reload the save and I found that the barons armies and the mercenaries he hired before the battle were stuck on the border of the map and just standing there, if I keep my troops in the battlefield and he doesn’t show, I automatically win.

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