Stellar Blade – How to NG+ Uncensored [Solved]

Importamt note! You need a physical disc for this to work easy. But there are other ways to do it.

Guide to NG+ Uncensored


I had a digital version I used as well so keep that in mind.

If the censorship bothers anyone who still wants new game plus I figured out a work around.

Step 1

Just to be safe upload your current save data to the PlayStation cloud so in case something goes wrong you have a back up saved.

Note: Make sure it doesn’t automatically sync to prevent your save file from being overwritten.

Step 2

Install the new game plus/censorship update (Assuming you haven’t already with the physical disc).

Step 3

Start the game and start a new game plus playthrough and get to a save point you’re comfortable at.

Step 4

Save your game.

Step 5

Fully close and exit the game.

Step 6

Delete the game from your PlayStation.

Step 7

Reinstall the game using the physical disc OFFLINE (that’s important).

Step 8

After it installs keeps your PlayStation offline and launch the game.

Step 9

Click load game and select the new game plus save file (It should say its a new game plus file. The new game plus option will be gone from the main menu but the new game plus save file will still be there).

Step 10

Enjoy new game plus uncensored and so far I haven’t had any problems but if something goes wrong you still have the back up save data on the cloud from earlier.

Warning: You need to keep your PlayStation offline at all times so it doesn’t update.

Make sure your cloud sync for save data is turned off to keep your backup save file from being overwritten.

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