Yakuza Kiwami 2 – The Definitive Visual Guide to the Home Run Competition

Home Run Competition Guide


I’m a visual person and found all of the online batting cage home run competition guides incomplete, or difficult to follow. This guide shows all of the home run competition sets in a simple and easy to follow way. After using this guide I was earn enough points for both batting guides in one attempt using the serene bat.

Home Run Competition

If you’re a completionist like myself, you’re going to need to get your hands on the two primer books, but those 3000 points can be a pain to achieve. With this guide, I was able to gain all points necessary in one attempt using the serene bat. The guide below is easy to follow on your mobile device while you blast those pitches to the moon!

The home run competition features infinite sets of pitches, you have to hit 8 out of 10 home runs to advance. Sets 1-8 are predictable pitches. The ball will always end up in the box indicated in green. Once you hit 8 home runs, you will quickly advance to the next set, so keep an eye on how many you hit.

When you reach set 9, the pitch location is randomized, but the type of pitch is determined. As an example, if the guide indicates the pitch will move to the “down-left”, the pitch will always move from its starting position to the adjacent box down and to the left. Sets 9-12 loop indefinitely. Keep in mind that set 9 and set 12 are duplicates and when they loop, you will do them back to back.

There are a few unusual pitches that have blue fire on them. They are indicated with a blue background on the guide. Here are the three you need to know:

  • Eagle – This pitch rises up one box from it’s starting position. This pitch looks intimidating, but it’s just about as fast as a typical fastball.
  • Screwball – Like the Eagle, this pitch looks like it’s going really fast, but it’s actually not any quicker than a normal fastball. It will spin around, but always lands in the same box it started in.
  • Freedom – Holy crap this one IS fast. You’re going to want to swing just after it leaves the pitcher’s hand.

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