Mr. Prepper – How Optimized is Your Base?

If you wish to reduce time wasting, logistic time and processes, here I show my layout!


Better a picture than words!


  • Energy: Refill Fuel to Gasoline Machine converter, the rest of the process is automated.
  • Water: One tank takes water from machines and buckets automatically, the other tank takes the water to the plants. Your 1 job is to transfer the water from one tank to the other every couple of months.
  • Cooking: Cook next to your plants.
  • Smelting & Crafting: Next to each other.
  • Sleep: Obviously in the bunker!


  • Floor -1: Bedroom ( Selling items / Hunting / Weapons & Equipment).
  • Floor -2: Farming Area (Seeds) / Kitchen (Ingredients) / Crafting Hall ( Crafting Items).
  • Floor -3: Storage Floor ( Books, Letters, Decorations, Mischellanous).

Floor -3 is unnecesary completely, bucket water is enough to sustain your plants and storage is “to get obsolete things away from running operations” hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed!

Volodymyr Azimoff
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