Shelter 3 – 100% Achievement Guide

Want to get all achievements for Shelter 3? Perhaps you’re missing just that one achievement? Look no further, in this guide I’ll walk you through getting all achievements.

Guide Introduction

Shelter 3 has a total of 7 achievements. Many are quite basic and are easy to get right at the start. Regardless, the game is not very long or difficult and these can all be obtained in one play through.

Unmissable / Story Achievements

There are two achievements which are tied to the central story of the game. You must interact with the stars at the landmarks in order to progress through the game.

In the Ancestor’s Footsteps – Found the first landmark

The Journey’s End – Found all active landmarks

By pressing the middle mouse button (default keybind) you can see where you need to go to find the next active landmark

Landmarks will be in the form of stars which will bring you to a cutscene and allow you to pick your journey from there.


Timber! – Crushed a tree

This can easily be gotten right at the start of the game in the first area. You just need to walk over the tiny blue trees.

Flamboyant Flight

Flamboyant Flight – Ran through the flamingos

In the first tutorial area, there will be groups of flamingos in the water scattered about. Simply run into them.

Pretty Pick

Pretty Pick – Picked a flower

All throughout the explorable world, there will be flowers. In the lower right corner, the game will prompt you to right click (default keybind) and the elephant will pick up one of the flowers.

A Good Mother

A Good Mother – Nursing calf for the first time

At some point in the area after the first landmark, the game will prompt you to nurse your calf by pressing E (default keybind). Simply do this and the first time you’ll get the achievement.

Note: There is currently a bug with nursing the calf where you will be unable to nurse your calf. This can be fixed by exiting to the main menu, and continuing your game. This will however, put you where the game last saved. I recommend restarting at the landmarks if you do choose to restart.

Thirst Quencher

Thirst Quencher – Drink a puddle

Around the world, you can find puddles to drink from, which will shrink in size upon doing so. Depending on the route you take from landmarks, you may not find puddles in one playthrough. I found puddles in the plains with the tiger bushes that is nearest to the Banyan tree which you will go to by picking one of the options from the first landmark.


Shelter 3’s achievements are very straightforward, so hopefully you don’t run into any issues collecting them all!

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