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Alveole - 100% Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Written by marklar   /   Updated: April 10, 2021    

Simple guide describing how to get all achievements in the game.

Complete Walkthrough Guide


Keep jumping constantly.


  • Get the Kangaroo photo card.

Get hit by obstacles without jumping.


  • Get the Coward photo card.

Jump over the obstacle 7 times.


  • Get the Winner photo card.

Keep holding jump without releasing

Far Space

  • Get the Far Space photo card.

Get hit by the first obstacle (the knife should go inside) and then jump over all the rest of the obstacles.


  • Get the Student photo card.

Get hit by the obstacle 2 times (until the glasses look broken) and then jump over the rest of the obstacles.


  • Get the Purposeful photo card.

Click on the thingy in the upper left corner.


  • Get the Detective photo card.

Jump over 2 obstacles, and get hit by the third. Now jump over all the rest.


  • Get the Imperfect photo card.

Jump only over obstacles when you see the monitor on the screen giving a signal.


  • Get the Lazybones photo card.

Jump over the first obstacle, get hit by the 2 next obstacles, and jump over the rest.


  • Get the Stumble photo card.

Jump over one obstacle and hit the next, continue the pattern till the end


  • Get the Hopscotch photo card.

Jump over 6 obstacles, and get hit by the last.


  • Get the Weakling photo card.

Get hit by the first obstacle, jump over 5 obstacles and get hit by the final one.


  • Get the Adventurer photo card.

Keep playing until calendar days reach 0, it goes down by 1 after each new game

Hard Worker

  • Get the Hard Worker photo card.

Quit from the game and start it again.

Welcome Back

  • Get the Welcome Back photo card.

Play one last time either jumping or hitting obstacles to unlock (if you have all other cards / achievements).


  • Collect all photo cards.

Written by marklar.

Game:   Alveole