The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV – List of Recipe Locations & Unique Chefs

Recipe Locations & Unique Chefs List

Recipe & Attainable Period

Tasty Potato Chowder – SARA

  • Lux Lunae in Eryn (August 7th)

Delicate Millefeuille – ALTINA

  • Cafe/inn April of Saint-Arkh (August 7th)

Thick Cheese Doria – RANDY

  • Titus Gate rest area (August 7th)

Spaghetti Bolognese – ASH

  • Decken Pub & Diner in Raquel (August 10th)

Delicious Fish Pie – ELLIOT

  • White Birch in Milsante, “Won’t Stan for This” side quest (August 10th)

Tomato Pizza – FIE

  • Resting Lodge (Edel) in Old Lamarre Road (August 10th)

Ozelle Miso Noodles – KURT

  • Ozelle’s Noodle Stand in Crossbell City (August 15th)

Midnight Cola – GAIUS

  • Garante Jazz Bar in Crossbell City (August 15th)

Hashed Rice – LAURA

  • Le Lectier Inn in St. Ursula Medical College (August 15th)

Starberry Tart – MUSSE

  • Lux Lunae Inn (Eryn) August 17th

Creamy Risotto – REAN

  • White Footpath Tavern & Inn in Parm (August 20th)

Sea Breeze Bouillabaisse – DUVALIE

  • Sea Breeze Tavern & Inn in Ordis (August 21st)

Bittersweet Tomato Gelato – MACHIAS

  • Jacqueline’s Ice Cream Stall in Ordis (August 21st)

Crispy Pickles – ALISA

  • Hermit Bar & Inn in Raquel. (August 22nd & onward)

Refreshing Berry Shake – ANGELICA

  • Dina’s Juice Stall in Saint-Arkh Cathedral Square (August 23rd)

Delicious Cheese Curry – JUSIS

  • Barney’s Pub & Inn in Leeves (August 25th)

Alster Plate – EMMA

  • Sunny Spot Inn in Alster (August 26th)

Yummy Caesar Salad – TITA

  • Recette Bakery & Cafe in Leeves (August 27th)

Wild Grill – TOWA

  • Bartolo’s Sausage Stall (Ordis – North Street) August 27th

Cheesy Penne Gratin – JUNA

  • Vingt-Sept Café (Crossbell – Central Square) August 29th

Addictive Mapo Tofu – ELISE

  • Long Lao Tavern & Inn (Crossbell – East Street) August 29th

Imperial Tea – ALFIN

  • Restaurant Fortuna in Mishelam August 31st

Shrimp Cutlet Sandwich – CROW

  • Miranda’s Tavern & Inn (Ordis) September 1st

Filling Thors Lunch – SHARON

  • Leeves’ Campus Cafeteria. (September 1st)

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