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Hobo: Tough Life - Starting Guide

Written by InpectahDeck   /   Updated: Apr 15, 2021    

How to Start


What is this game and what is it all about? For a quick sum up of the game, you start off as a regular hobo for your first game (there are multiple seasons per game. Beating the game unlocks other hobo classes to play).

Where you start off with basically nothing and no real true knowledge or skills to survive the coming days,weeks or months. The game itself has day/night cycles (*timing yet to be tested to current patch*) and as mentioned seasons (Spring,Summer,Fall & Winter it seems). Story is always being added to, also the new Hobo King voting is in the game now. Can you claim the throne?!

You need to learn how to survive and build, craft and create, cook and many other skills that improve you gameplay and hobo's quality of life that vanity doesn't matter. You will meet friends, strangers, creeps and enemies. You choose your path and create a story of your own along the way.

Controls & Tutorial

  • Control - Action
  • WASD & Arrows Movement
  • E & Left Click - Action
  • Right Click - Can be used to back out from dialog / inventory (be careful in stores this can be an action key!)
  • Enter / Space - Submit (in dialog)
  • Space - Jump
  • Shift - Sprint
  • Escape - Menu / exit dialog
  • I - Inventory
  • H - Tutorial Page
  • M - Map

There used to be a in game Tutorial but has since been taken out. Many things are explained throughout the game itself now! Here to help out though with this guide and hope it does work out or you may learn something new! (The game itself is a great game that does take time and patience, map knowledge is a huge help as well. All comes in time.

Find the hidden treasures/easter eggs in game too.

What you start off with in a new game

With little for stats and clothing, good starting tips are to find good clothing, bags to hold more items (use Hide Out Stash for good items), taking your time in dumpsters until you level it up more (more levels equals more chances of warning markers in Mini Game), talking to people on the streets (get that Speech Skill up for better chances of getting cash in Begging Mini Game).

Starting Off (The Base Knowledge)

This section here is gunna cover most of the basic of the game.

HUD Info & Conditions

Below will explain how the HUD works and Skills/Perks

You slowly will lose health when these bars get below 20% or for illness/poison when it is above 85%

Energy and Sprint

How much you can get done in a day/night and zoom around the streets (Low Energy results in exhaustion and being unable to sprint).


Self explained, if this goes below 10% you will pass out, NOW when this hits 0, its not game over (you die and come back but a loss of 10 on stats). Avoid this at all costs.


Keeping your core body temp high always will keep you from freezing (Freezing results in sickness and health loss. Colder you get quicker sickness sets in.).


Both work hand in hand together at times Wet/Moisture - Snow & Rain aren't really friendly things for the homeless. The wetter you get the colder or quicker freezing your core temps happen. Stay DRY not DRENCHED Dryness - Low temps result in Illness rising and Health to drop.


$$$, Cash, bills, bones, coin, call it whatever you want. Buy nifty things and perks/items from NPC's and stores. Many ways to make money.


The current temperature of outside (Can be picked between C° or F°).


Happy or Sad, Good or Bad. This meter helps show your current state of mind. Keep this up always! (Certain things will raise and lower morale, also there are buffs but beware getting too low results in a Broken Morale which drains health)


Eat, Drink to survive with the main draining stat next to heat. It is something we all wonder ourselves do our stomachs have their own brain?! Any nutritious substance you come across can be eaten or drank. But do learn overtime with caution. Lower class foods or scraps in better terms can cause illness rise. You can learn to craft many types of food and learn the powers of cooking to survive. Few even give a good health boost or buffs!


Eating bad things or bad habits can catch up if not done in moderation, your body is your temple treat it how you want they say! As this meter rises so will poisoning slowly (Booze and smokes do raise this and also don't use often or addictions can happen! If so hold off if you can!).


Remember what was just mentioned?! This gets too high can results in major health issues keep that toxicity low (Teas, Herbs & Lemons help lots).

The three below: Toilet, Odour & Alcohol doesn't decline when in red zone.

Number Two

Basic nature of many animals, some go outside, some inside. Use toilets to lower this to zero(strategy perk helps a lot with this in a pinch), or get the guts (*perk*) to go in many spots outside like well like animals do xD! Also TP helps you go faster, do get that triple ply folks!


Eww, Gross! Did the cheese get cut? Nope it is actually just you! Keep yourself and clothing clean! Lower will give better chances at talking and many other things. Ps don't forget behind the ears! (Wipes, soap help on spot, there is laundry and places to use shower even!)


Drink, drank, drunk.... They say. Higher this gets well more smashed you get. Talking about getting to another level eh. Can result in addictions without perks/using too much. But hey might give you something in return?



Getting certain drinks from stores will give boosts to stats for good listed below.

These beauties help out lots!




White Rum

Below are a few stats that can be permanently buffed to a certain point via ^ alcohol shown above or Hobo Hut buffs from building.

  • Cold - Higher this goes the more your resilience towards the cold is. Strong like Russian Vodka!
  • Water - High levels results in the Water meter filling slower. Wax on, wax off they say. Watch the water bead off.
  • Poisoning - Become the taste tester for Death?! Even Jebus was jealous
  • Immunity - As this grows and gets higher less chances of getting sick from eating and other actions.


  • Attack - Pump iron, and Hulk Smash! Gives higher DMG rating (Flat DMG you deal in combat, may be reduced depending on defence of enemy. Also Critical Hits ignore defence and deal Flat DMG rating).
  • Defence - Dip, Dodge, Duck, Dive and? Dodge right? Make Bruce Lee proud with this skill raised up. Results in lower DMG received (Reduce damage by a certain percentage *there is a cap at 80%* as well enemy Critical Hits ignore your defence).
  • Charisma - Sweet talker, or just a drinker who loves to ramble?! This helps with conversations with NPC's (Higher this gets equals to a percentage you will have with talking to people on the streets and not be refused to be talked to).
  • Oh and the basic picture of inventory layout as well!


Skills have a Expert and Master Level to them giving a extra bar to many mini-games or give other bonuses.

Speech - Chatting on the streets will level this up, ramble away sweet talker (helps with begging and needed for Strategy perk)!

Begging - Beg here , beg there, on the street or doors of peoples homes (very useful for quick cash as skills progress).

Trading - Modern day salesman over here! Chatting up people to offer items you have came across, made, or stole (Improving this will give both a boost in mini-game and extra items to choose to sell!)

Stealing - Extra sneaky eh? Slight of hand on your side? Three items pop up for mini-game to grab (Expert gives four items & Master gives five items to steal).

Dumpster Diving - Who doesn't love getting a little dirty if the cause is worth it, they do say one man's trash is another's treasure! (Expert = 40% less waste & Master = 80% reduction)

Crafting - Crafting/Cooking will be used from making food, weapons and shelter items(as well being able to repair anything as learning recipes along the way).

Lock Picking - Being sneaky is cool at times, even cooler is being able to open any doors or dumpsters you come across that may be locked (Expert skill gives another chance before lock pick breaks & Master gives two attempts!)

Base Knowledge

So you have made it this far.. a lot of things to cover over eh? But don't worry you will become a Master Hobo yourself in no time. Below further will be Perks and how they will reflect skills you currently have. ( Few perks require a certain level or expert/mastering before getting them!)

Perks to learn!

Page one of the perks to learn.

Page two of perks.

This is the real deal when it become learning the true perks to surviving and not just relying on skills. Perks will give a boost and general help to day/night living as well as preparing for the harsh winters to come. Perks vary and many have been added recently. Learn how to steal from people with less morale each time, wanna sell more goodies like a guy in a trench coat get the Street Vendor perk! It is endless for the choices you wanna go for. Become a master drunkard or fix stuff with a engineer perk, or maybe you just like hitting people with things too... Don't worry there is a perk for that too, weapon smith has got you covered. I won't go into full details with each and every perk as I want you to discover them as well!

Fire, Crafting & Food

Using a fire, simple and easy stuff (found all over the place or at Hobo Hut's.)


Craft anything from homemade furniture, clothing and many other things (also dismantle things for extra supplies.). Building in this game is really fun, make it how you want (placement wise).

Crafting Tables

Here shows the crafting table and how you can make many items and as well take them apart!

This area here is for making basic and more unique items!

Craft a extra weapon for protection on the streets and also make shelter items for your Hobo Hut's.

Food Crafting

Make any extra drinks and food from scraps found in bins or make something very special!

Becoming the Hobo King

Here you see the voting page for becoming the Hobo/Beggar King.

You will need to work hard and find your ways, earn trust and complete tasks to earn votes.

One day the Throne shall be all for you! (Votes are usually given by the faction leader of certain Hobo Camps.

Written by InpectahDeck.