The Corridor – 100% Achievements Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Locked Achievement

I Got No Switch Off Button

  • Obtain all other achievements.

Hidden Achievements

Good Thinkin’

  • Leave the game before pressing the Button in any level. Listen to the Cardboard Man in the next attempt to get this achievement. This does not count for an attempt.

Reverse Psychology

  • On the 5th attempt (the one after the Button behind you), the Narrator will say to press the button, don’t press it. He will talk again and kick you out with the achievement.

The Corner

  • On the 6th attempt (right after Reverse Psychology), there is a corner at the right end of the corridor, go in it and talk to the Carboard Man to get this achievement.

Why’d You Do It?

  • On the 7th attempt, press all 156 wrong buttons before pressing the right one (the one in the far left corner) to get this achievement.

Doctor Who?

  • On the 10th attempt (the island), walk as far as you can from the island. You will arrive in a room with doctor cardboard, m.d..Talk to him to get this achievement.

Well Done On Not Shooting That Guy

  • On the 12th attempt (Level in FPS), Don’t shoot the guy and instead press the Button on the far left corner behind the crates to get this achievement.

Good Listener

  • On the 28th attempt, the Narrator will tell you “Maybe you should listen to what I say and stop”. Wait and the wall behind where you start will disappear to reveal a room with Cardboard Man on a couch. Talk to him to get this achievement.

The Fox’s Lament

  • On the 34th attempt, the Narrator will finally let you open the door, walk in and press the orange buttons on the computer. Talk to the Cardboard Man to get this achievement.

One Last Thing

  • On the 35th (36th – if Fox’s Lament path) attempt, Don’t unplug the Save Data Cord, instead listen to the narrator. Press the button. On the next attempt read the note to get this achievement.
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