Rebel Galaxy – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Rebel Galaxy game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Grab yourself a wingman from any bar ASAP, they make a huge difference early on.
  • Get out of the starter system as soon as you can, loot and quest rewards are way better from the second system on.
  • The galaxy is randomly generated so planets won’t be the same between different playthroughs.
  • Enemy difficulty is based off your highest equipped ship gear, so having 1 mk3 weapon and everything else mk2 will make things harder for you, upgrade stuff evenly
  • Upgrading your equipment makes a bigger difference than a bigger ship. The starter you should leave ASAP but focus on filling out your equipment slots before getting a bigger ship.
  • Blockade missions are toughest but give the greatest payouts. You’ll have to outfit your ship in specific ways to be able to break through blockades but once you figure something that works for you it has the fastest payouts of any mission type.
  • You can set your wingman/individual weapons to fire at only certain kinds of targets. Remember there is a difference between autolocking and manually locking onto things (mainly, if you set a weapon to fire on your locked target only, it won’t fire on the auto, or softlock).
  • Get out of the first system as soon as you can, a lot more options open up once you do. Follow the plot and you’ll get there.
  • The Icarus makes a fantastic upgrade to your starting ship and it can carry you through a large chunk of the game, certainly far enough for you to decide what you like on your own.
  • Join the Merchant Guild asap: their missions pay out tons of money and their Dead Drops are probably the fastest way to earn cash if you stay on top of upgrading your shields and engines.
  • Early on, your mining turrets (get these) will probably feel like they’re doing more damage than your broadsides. That’s okay, they are, just get in close and let them carve things up for you. As your ship and the targets you’re fighting get bigger, you’ll want to diversify your turrets a bit and you’ll rely on broadsides a lot more.
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