Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing


The key to success in this game is time management. Each chapter gives you 56 days (two months of 28 days each) to accomplish your quota of Kingdom Objectives and the mandatory story objectives. There are fortunately a large variety of Kingdom Objectives, so you can reach that in many ways.
Additional Kingdom Objectives you complete above your goal in one chapter carry over to the next chapter.
Dungeoneering objectives are the most time consuming, but provide you with the resources you’ll need to upgrade buildings and purchase or craft equipment.

General Tips

  • You can shop at the merchant in the town square even before you build his house. It’s very helpful to pick up a few trinkets before doing your first dungeon crawls, especially ones which grant Shields and Shields/Activation. (An Activation is not the same thing as a Turn.)
  • Remember your Blitz ability, which lets you spend an Authority Point for an additional activation. This can be helpful to finish off a wounded enemy, or support an ally. Proper use of Blitz can drastically turn the tide of battle in your favour.
  • Experience is shared across the entire party, and it doesn’t matter if units are dead at the end, everyone gets full XP. This means you can pick whoever you want and don’t have to worry about grinding up underleveled characters.
  • In combat, left-clicking on any character selects them and shows you their move range. Left clicking on them again brings up an information page where you can see their stats and see what effects and passive bonuses they have. Hover over any skill icon to display a preview of their range, this includes the elusive autocast skills. Get in the habit of checking the info pages so, for instance, you don’t finish off enemies which explode on death with a melee attack.
  • Each level the party gains unlocks an additional Perk slot.
  • Perks you unlock through combat characters Personal Bonds have to be assigned to perk slots on the character screen, they are not automatic passives.
  • Fishing (Pier level 2) can be helpful, giving you items which can be used in battle and resources you can use or sell.
  • The “TAB” key rotates skills which do an area of effect like “Blazing Barrier”. Holding “ALT” displays skills and cooldowns for all combatants on the map. “L” shows line-of-sight blocking objects.
  • Pretty much all the perks which improve Signature Skills (no cooldown) are great perks to take, and you should get them as soon as possible.


  • It takes some number of days to travel to a dungeon, and each dungeon takes a number of days to finish equal to the number of nodes in the dungeon. You are not allowed to visit dungeons if it would put you over the time limit for the chapter.
  • You can abort a dungeon run, but the full amount of days will be consumed regardless. Any nodes you cleared the first time will remain cleared upon a re-visit. It’s probably best to save before you take on a dungeon and just reload if it goes badly, rather than waste a lot of days and get nothing for it.
  • Dungeons have three types of nodes. Combat nodes (the crossed swords) have a guaranteed battle. Camp nodes (the dialogue bubbles) restore dead units, and let you save mid-dungeon, and let you talk to party members. Adventure nodes (exclamation point) are micro choose-your-own-adventures, which can lead to rewards, new quests, and sometimes combat.
  • Combat dungeon nodes allow you to forfeit, taking you back to the dungeon map. This costs you nothing, use it to re-equip your party and adjust their perks before trying again. It’s also useful if you want to complete challenges. You can’t forfeit Combat encounters which result from Adventure nodes (I think).
  • (v 1.05) Each node can only be cleared once, except the Camp nodes. You can access camp nodes multiple times to save mid-dungeon. However, you can only rest to restore defeated party members once per dungeon.
  • There is absolutely no way to heal health damage in battle. None. Use shields to reduce the amount of health damage you take.
  • All health damage is healed restored to full after finishing a battle, but dead units remain dead for the rest of the dungeon or until you visit a Camp node and refresh them.
  • Do Ban Machair as your first dungeon crawl. Wait until you have a ranged attacker (other than Kay) before doing Falgarwood.
  • Choices you make in the text adventures matter can substantially change the outcome. For instance even if both approaches lead to a fight, your choices could determine whether you start out surrounded or if the enemy does. Experiment and try different things.
  • In most fights you can only deploy four units, even if you have a full party of 6. So there’s no need to rush getting the Town Square upgrade which lets you take 6 party members before even you have 6 people.
  • Optional challenges increase the difficulty to defeat the fight, but each one gives an additional 15 XP and a 15% increased chance of loot appearing at the end of combat. Each level requires the same amount of XP to reach.

Personal Bonds / Relationship Points

  • The Personal Bonds page describes what all levels of relationship give as bonuses. Use that to decide what priorities you have.
  • Some choices in Personal Bonds and text adventures can give boosts (or penalties) to Relationship Points (RP) with certain characters. Sometimes it’s obvious what a character really likes, other times, less so. Experiment.
  • The first time you spend the day with a person, you get a bonding event and reach Acquaintance rank.
  • Once your Relationship Points with a character reach 100%, you need to actually spend time with them before their next bonus is unlocked.
  • Choosing to spend time with someone gives a boost to RP which is added before the event starts, so even if you’re a little below 100%, you can still trigger the next scene.
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