Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster – Fiend Locations Guide

This guide is about how to find the fiends/candelabrum.

How to Find the Fiends/Candelabnurm

All credit goes to Piss Queen Antichrist!

Matador Location

He finds you.

Daisoujou and Hell Biker

  • Daisoujou: East Ikebukuro after meeting Gozu-Tennoh.
  • Hell Biker: Highway heading to Kabukicho after beating Daisoujou.


Beat the previous kalpa and get the cutscenes where all the boners r like we r the horsemen.

  • White Rider: Asakusa Terminal supposedly will chase you between terminals if you warp alot idk he will show up the first time so make sure u r ready!
  • Red Rider: Ginza Underpass Terminal after defeating white rider.
  • Black Rider: 204B in the second annex building in the hospital after obelisk quest thingy and you kill the previous riders.
  • Pale Rider: In Asakusa near the manikin collectors shop.

The Harlot

Yoyogi Park West Plaza progress locked until doing story progress in said area.


  • Trumpeter: Yurakucho Station should confront you after story progression.


During the following phases if you have a deathstone.

Phase / Fiend

  • New – The 4 Horsemen
  • 1-3/8 – Matador
  • 1/2 – Matador, Hell Biker, The Harlot
  • 5/8 – Hell Biker
  • 6-7/8 – Hell Biker, Daisoujou
  • Full – Trumpeteer, Daisoujou
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