Balrum – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Balrum game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • When starting, you choose your characters history which determines what skills you start with. You can learn any skill with a bit of money and level ups, though. Note that you will always start with a dog companion so learn Hunting later, if ever. Any of the rest are fine.
  • You also select two starting items. The first array is a bunch of garbage items, besides the three healing potions. The second array are minorly helpful rings, choose any besides the Phoenix Ring. As long as you cut down trees the game throws phoenix eggs at you so having a reusable one isn’t much of a boon. Leech Ring seems weak too, but it’s still better than the Phoenix Ring.
  • Your starting stats should have a bit of vitality and then the skills related to what combat you want to do. Going pure mage seems difficult (as natural mana regen is real, real slow unless you stack wisdom), so you may need to take a bit of everything. You can raise a stat by 1 every levelup, and there’s a lot of stat boosting gear.
  • Speaking of levels, you level up real slow. Some gear has stat requirements, and it uses your base score to see if you meet those requirements, and I don’t think I’ve seen any gear with a wisdom requirement so if you’re gonna mage it up go intellect.
  • Learn lockpicking. Even if you never plan to steal. A lot of chests in the world are locked, even those in dungeons. If you give Rhys (town thief) 4 perfect pine wood (randomly recieved when you cut down a pine tree) you can purchase the lockpicking skill from him.
  • At your homestead, you just press B to bring up the crafting/placement of walls/furniture menu. You craft them as you place them. If you remove something though you do not get refunded the resources spent. You can also get rid of any debris/flora by right clicking on it from that same menu.
  • Crime is a bit Elder Scrolls. If no one sees you do it, which you can ensure by just closing the door with no one in the room, you’re free. If they see you accidentally look at their mushroom patch too hard, they will want you dead. There’s no jail and no forgiveness, you have to hope you find a Forget Crime scroll sooner rather than later. Save often because having to decide if you just will avoid this NPC forever or losing 30 minutes of progress is a though decision.
  • Things people have not gotten mad at me for taking: Things from inside their homes as long as it was not in a cupboard/chest; Piles of wood next to their homes; food and potions right off their dinner table; Lockpicking a chest (They did not see me start to do so, they just veered into the building in the middle of it and were fine with me finishing picking the lock and looting the chest)
  • Things people have gotten mad at me for doing: Clicking on their crops on accident, and doing nothing to them.
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