Hmmsim Metro – How to Drive Train

This is a guide that accounts for how to drive train in Hmmsim Metro.

Guide to Drive Train

Basic Control

Ready for Start

  • First of all, We need to control the reverser.
  • To control it, we should press DSD (Deadman’s Switch). By pressing “Space Bar” button, we can press DSD.
  • When you’re pressing DSD (Space Bar), you can control reverser with “Up(↑)” and “Down(↓)”.
  • The reverser is consisted “backward”, “Off”, “Neutral”, “Forward”.
  • The normal is Off.

  • Second, We should take off the brake.
  • You can control the brake with “, and .”.
  • “EB” means emergency brake.
  • You can control the brake to “중립”, “B1~B7”, “EB”.

If you take off the brake successfully, the word that is located in the monitor and is next to the notch will be changed “중립”. “중립” means “neutral”.

Then, With the DSD pressed, you can control “Master Controller” with “A” and “Z”.

The condition of master controller is shown next to the notch which is located in the monitor. (P1~P4)

If you miss the DSD with the train is moving, Control your master controller to “중립”.

You can press DSD again then.

When your train is arriving the train station, the box which is written “정차역” will light.

There is a structure that shows stop position. If you stop your train when the word of it is changed to green, the doors will be opened automatically.


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