Wild West and Wizards – Quests and Quest Items That Are Hard to Find

Guide to Quests and Quests Items

Lookout Earl: Earl’s Grave

About 20-30 steps from the shack you’ll find a tree with an adjacent patch of dirt. Interact with the dirt to progress to the next step in the quest.

Brooke’s Key

On the roof of the inn, behind the storefront sign. You can reach the roof by climbing boxes on the side of the building or by dashing from the balcony of the saloon.

Doctor’s Orders: Pearl’s Key

On the second floor of the saloon, behind the headboard of the bed. You’ll probably need to stand on the bed and look over the edge to snipe it.

Once that’s done, head to the second-furthest windmill to find the trapdoor hidden in some bushes. Interacting with the trapdoor will load you into an underground room with the scorpion (level 2), a safe and more lore from Pearl.

Return to Clint at the doctor’s in Edge Town and the quest is complete.

Mistress of Misery: Marlene

To end the quest, talk to the sheriff in the jail and Marlene on the cliffside decks to the west of Edge Town.

Marlene docks your pay to $75 if you opt to let Frankie escape.

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