The Spike – Bugs and How to Fix Them

Bugs and How to Fix Them

If your not in full screen press alt and enter at the same time.

Try not changing name of the players as it might glitch it out.

In tournament mode if you can’t play because of 2 players try reinstalling the game this may take time if you have bad wifi like me but I only encountred it once.

There are more bugs and if I encounter them I will update.

Controls and Stats

  • Left stick = Movement
  • Y = Block
  • X = Over Head Server
  • A holding = Jump Serve (While serving)
  • B = Receive
  • B while in air = Feint
  • LB = Dive
  • Holding A = Ultra Fast

When you start playing get SW power to 155 and invest the rest into jumping and speed.

For your middle blocker put max defence and very good jump and a bit of speed.

The setter should have alot of jump and speed, keep in mind the setter is argogant.

Small Tips

When you start playing turn begininer mode off i will help long term.

There is a little thing when you shoot and the opposite team in tournaments and later in the game they will start shuting down alot of your shot lets call this the zone well with this problem your best chance is too feint or call a time out and switch to a speedy middle blocker and dive when they spike it or block it. Remember you are a middle blocker still not a wing spiker.

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