Subsistence – How to Restore Lost Profile

Explains Steps to Restoring a Lost Profile

Restore Lost Profile

  • First backup your existing saves. Navigate to your Subsistence directory and make a copy of your existing SaveData folder by doing the following:

  • Click on the settings icon for Subsistence in your Steam games library:

  • Click on “Properties”:

  • In the popup window, click “Local Files” (on the left) and then the “Browse” button.

  • Now open the UDKGame folder and make a copy of the SaveGame folder within (right-click on it and click copy). Paste it somewhere safe (like your desktop).

  • Now enter the game and select any profile and start the game.

  • Once you’ve entered the game, press F8 to make a manual save. Then exit the game.
  • Now (within your SaveData folder) open the ProfileSaves/Sp/ folder, and list the files by “Date Modified”:

  • Now replace (overwrite) the .sav file listed at the top (ignore the nodelete.txt file) with one from your backed up SaveData folder (by renaming it to same name). *Don’t delete the backups just in case.
  • Enter the game and your old profile should now be visible in the profile slot.


You can perform these steps on any of the 5 profiles. Check the dates of the backed-up saves to determine which one to restore.

This can also be done for co-op games, just look in the SaveData/ProfileSaves/Mp/ folder instead.

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  1. can you go from profile 2 to profile 3 start new game then change your mind and go back
    to profile 2 and play without the loss of any accomplishments made in profile 2 thanks

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