ArsonVille – 100% Full Achievements Walkthrough

Ready to burn for some achievements?

How to Obtain All Achievements

We didn’t start the fire

  • Place your oils, hay bales, kindlings and dynamite, waiting the 30 seconds from the timer to finish to be able to start your first fire.

It’s getting hot in here

  • There will be some houses in the map. Just set a trail of fire to it.


  • Keep burning 5 houses.


  • More houses to be burned (20)!

Avian Nation

  • When the fire reach a tree, there will be a chance to some birds fly from there.

The Big Bang

  • Place a dynamite, wait the timer to end and click on the dynamite to blow it up.

Fire, Water, Burn!

  • Place a dynamite at the side of a water tile and burn it.


  • Place a dynamite and start a burn from it.

Percentage of Burned Tiles Achievements

At the end of your fire play, the game will give you some statistics, including the percentage of burned tiles. You can try to get the percentages in random maps or load a admittedly good map for this. Click on Play in the main menu, place the seed number on the Map Seed box and click on New Map to load. A good seed used by the community is 713374931 with the itens placement below, but be aware that there is a big problem as the fire does spread neither reliably or deterministically, so even a perfect setup yields varying results and you will probably to be a little creative with your own itens placement.

To Arsonist’s Arsonist achievement, you don’t need to burn 100%, but 1 or 2% under it.


  • Burn 20% of tiles in a map.

Junior Arsonist

  • Burn 40% of tiles in a map.

Public Menace

  • Burn 60% of tiles in a map.


  • Burn 80% of tiles in a map.

Arsonist’s Arsonist

  • Burn 100% of tiles.
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