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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I don’t see my friends from another region/continent?

  • We use the Steam system to create a game session, and Steam is divided into several different regions (Europe, Asia, etc.). And when you connect to the game, Steam will give out only those servers that are in your region. At the moment we are working on the implementation of creating and connecting to a game session bypassing Steam services.

Why is the game better than the rest?

  • All games are good in their own way. There is nothing superfluous in our game that would distract from the gameplay.

Are there any plans to add new content / maps / game modes?

  • Of course! A small amount of content exclusively at the start of Early Access, we are already preparing a lot of new and interesting things!

What about game optimization? How does the game perform on weak computers and systems?

  • We took the issue of optimization responsibly and tried to optimize the game as much as possible. We tested the game on a laptop with an Intel Core I3 6006U 2HHZ processor, 8GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 920MX – 2048MB. The game run at 1920×1080 with medium-minimum graphics settings and enabled TAAU* in the “balanced” mode and got a comfortable 45-55frames per second.

*TAAU – Temporal Anti-aliasing Upscale. This technology improves the performance of the game by reducing the scaling of the game image and completing the missing pixels. Not to be confused with DLSS and FSR. TAAU works on all systems and video cards.

Are there any plans to add character leveling to the game?

  • At this stage, we do not plan to add character leveling. Leveling Characters distracts from the game and creates many technical problems and it is also very difficult to organically fit the character’s leveling into a game of this genre.

Do you plan to add donation to the game?

  • No. We are categorically against donation in similar games.

My game does not start, it gives an error and requires DKS 11, what should I do?

  • To run the game, your GPU must support DirectX 11. This is stated in the minimum requirements on the game page in Steam. Unreal Engine 4 does not support DirectX below version 11.

Can players find a roadmap for the game somewhere?

  • No. We believe that the roadmap is exclusively for the development team. We are not going to put our plans on public display (they are secret, hah). The only thing we can say from the content of the roadmap is that we are planning new maps and events, only shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Why sometimes, at the start of a match, I or other players fly into the sky?

  • Players spawn at pre-arranged spawn points on the map, they are randomly selected. Sometimes, one spawn point may fall on several players, and then after the appearance of the players, their collisions begin to push each other, and the players scatter to the sides.
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