Chasing Tails – A Promise in the Snow – How to Obtain Rin Appreciator Achievement

Rin Appreciator Achievement Walkthrough

General Idea (Spoilers!)

You need to have high Rin points. Basically agree with her, don’t be stubborn. Don’t run into her at the shop and start a argument. Give her food she likes.

One tricky choice you need to get past is when Rin chases after Kumi. For that choice don’t go with her. Going with her leads to other endings which come before the Rin Appreciator achievement. You need to go after Kumi alone to start a story route that will get you to the point when you can get the appreciator achievement.


Note: not sure which are relevant though.

  1. Enabled timed choice
  2. Wipe the damn floor
  3. Avoid her at the shop
  4. Always obey the princess
  5. Binocular choice (can’t remember)
  6. Meet her at the door (can’t remember)
  7. Rin ask you to leave -> choice 1 “I can’t”
  8. Ask Rin about her work
  9. Chicken vs Fish -> Fish
  10. Something wrong? -> Marks on the wall -> The dreams
  11. Cover blanket -> don’t read the book
  12. Encourage Rin
  13. Rin bully Kumi -> Don’t interfere
  14. Ask Kumi -> possess me? -> what’s going on? -> why do you call me princess?
  15. Kumi runs away -> Leave her alone
  16. Wake up -> Go to Rin
  17. Are we friend? -> Yes
  18. Have something to tell -> Do you like me?

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