DPS Idle – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Best Start

The Tungus Card (3rd deck) does not affect

The Tungus Card (3rd deck) does not affect the Magic multiplier guild growth:

  • So do not upgrade it because you want to improve your Magic multiplier faster.
  • It doesnt work like that.

I was a bit surprised on the outcome with and without it; when i tested it the results was just the same. I double checked to see if I had made an error somewhere but no.


  • Save, save often.
  • Preferably each 15min atleast and also extra save just before one leaves the guild.


Personally I often realise after a run I have missed putting out the Hero Exp earned Permanent perks (the right most tree of the 2) in the Class tree´s before I reseted.

Keep notes

  • Above are 2 different game day notes that I have kept side by side.
  • So that I more easily can decide and remember when to do what and when during runs.

Extremely handy:

Make out your own system to fit your needs; but I find that keeping track of how many/much I need of Leaf´s/Sphere/Skulls per section of the game, makes it easier to not mess up and keeping track of what my earlier multipliers/gold/dps etc. was.

Simply put: I use the notes to use my time better/more effective.

Examples on: Why to do it

  • Keeping track makes it easier to realise when one have hit that wall one always reaches per run and it is time to leave the guild and start a new run.
  • Keeping track also makes it possible to more accurate judge if something one are testing really is working or not.
  • Keeping track also makes it easier to optimise and remember how far from, on last run, one was to reach (example) those last 10k leafs one needed to get to the next crystalball multiplier level.
  • Keep track of what Class level you was on during last run when one hit the wall (so one can let it (the class level) grow more during section 1 and thus later gain more of what one needs).

Go to sleep / play a different game / make time for real life

This tips and trick is super good to advance in the game:

Get a feel on how little active time you really need to play this game.

I personally have found that going to sleep/ play a diffrent game/ make time for real life at a specific time during gameplay is the best thing one can do.

This specific time is not meant to be 15:00 PM.

It is time to go do something else for the next 6 hours while just letting the game idle in section 1 while the class hero exp/ levels grow to then (later) do a “Mad rush/push forward” collecting more currencies/ getting a DPS/gold/Poison/Click etc. boost from Class perks….

Do not underestimate this tip / trick.

Watch/Listen to something while playing this game

Perhaps a no-brainer but still worth to add as a tip/trick.

Reload saves:

Reload saves to optimise whatever one want to optimise in the game.

Can be extremely useful if done correctly.


If one wants to avoid the complete randomness of a certain section of the game; this is very useful tip/trick.

After X amount of reloading saves: the game crashes as it have used up all the computer RAM.

So if doing this tip/trick: make sure you close and restart your game now and then.

Set goals for permanent perks/features of the game

The tungus card does help if you are using the druids ramping magic damage over time ability.

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