Pathologic Classic HD – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Pathologic Classic HD game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Time is always running out, except when you’re on the map screen, the quest log/letters, or in a dialogue.
  • You will receive one Main Quest every day that you must complete before midnight or else Bad Things happen. There will also usually be a few sidequests that are optional, but often interesting and occasionally rewarding. Sidequests in the second half of the campaign especially (except for in Changeling’s route) will often contain crucial plot and/or character development scenes.
  • Every so often, a spiral-shaped red glyph will appear in the bottom-left corner. This indicates that you have received a letter. Check your letters regularly, as they are usually the only source of instructions to trigger certain main and side quests. There’s also a separate glyph that pops up sometimes to indicate that your quest log has been updated, usually after you complete a quest objective.
  • The Bachelor’s route is recommended for first-time players. He’s ever-so-slightly less insane than everyone else, and he’s also an outsider to the town much like the player, so he receives a lot of useful exposition early on. It’s possible to play as the Haruspex first, but the difficulty curve for his first few days is inhumanly steep if you lack prior knowledge of the map and mechanics. You’ll also be even more confused than what’s healthy for this game, because the Haruspex is a local and is already familiar with the town’s intricate customs, ergo no exposition. Finally, despite all the buildup in the other two routes Changeling’s campaign is unfortunately rushed, unfinished, and excessively tedious to play. All but players starved for content are recommended to look up the plot on YouTube and/or wait for the remake.
  • Go dumpster diving as much as possible to get trinkets to trade with. Exploiting hobonomics is key to victory. You can store items in a chest in your “home” area – this is especially useful for Haruspex, who can also permanently use the box in Aspity’s place.
  • Children love nuts and sharp objects and carry bullets and medicine. The youngest girls will on rare occasion carry the most valuable item in the game.
  • Drunks need water bottles and give bandages, the best healing item in the game.
  • Save often. Keep a save on day one handy if it’s your first time playing.
  • Entering and exiting a building will make exterior enemies despawn. This goes for enemies in the…”special” districts as well; note that all doors in these areas are unlocked by default.
  • You can restore reputation by completing quests, donating to the destitute, easing the pain of the dying, and murdering criminals.
  • You will eventually catch the plague. It will sap your health quicker and quicker the higher your plague meter is, and must generally be mitigated, not cured (unless you save scum.)
  • Many types of townspeople (Young Girl, Old Man, etc.) will have new flavor text each day.
  • Click on character portraits in dialogues for a little bonus.

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