Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home – How to Remove Mosaics

Learn how to remove the mosaics from Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home.

Guide to Remove Mosaics


On this guide you’ll learn how to disable the mosaics in this game. For this method you’ll need 3Dmigoto, a powerful and versatile modding tool. It will be used for disabling the shaders responsible for the mosaics.

But first, download and install the Official R-18 patch! Then follow the next instructions.


  • Right-click Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home in your Steam library and then select “Manage > Browse local files”.

  • Navigate to the folder SoD2BinariesWin64.
  • Open the .zip archive you downloaded, navigate to the x64 folder. Then drag and drop the 3 required files (d3d11.dll, d3dcompiler_46.dll and d3dx.ini) into the game’s Win64 folder.

Open d3dx.ini and delete all text inside, leaving it blank. Then copy and paste the text below inside of it. Save the file and then close it.

global persist $UI = 1

Key = VK_F4
type = cycle
$UI = 0,1 


hash = 06281907f00ea3ee
if $UI == 1 
handling = skip

hash = 713f5021a25d69aa
checktextureoverride = ib

hash = ddb8e270
if $UI == 1 
handling = skip

  • After you’ve done all the necessary steps, the game will now always start with the mosaics turned OFF.
  • As an extra option, you can also press F4 to toggle the mosaics ON/OFF in real time, while you’re in-game.

Final Considerations

Follow this guide’s instructions at your own risk. It requires a third-party modding tool.

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