Bravely Default II – Ultimate Jobs Guide (with Tips and Tricks)

Please note: all credit goes to AltoMeme!

I’m here to give you players some tips, and pointers to which jobs to use. Which ones to ditch. Which ones to keep only the passives, or which ones to keep at level 12. You’ll find it here!

Guide to Jobs


How many jobs are in Bravely Default II?

There are 24 jobs, 2 obtainable through sidequests.

Wait, sidequests? Which ones are available through those?

The only asterisks/jobs you can get through sidequests are Gambler starting from chapter 1, and the Salve-Maker starting from chapter 3, but this isn’t a guide on how to get those exactly. However, you’ll need these to get the true ending.

What is the best job in the game?

Honestly? Hard to tell. Most of these jobs can be absolutely broken or just really damn good. Some classes, like Thief, have one or two abilities that are really good, while some are practically necessary, like White Mage.

In my opinion, however, I think Beastmaster is the best class in the game. From its second specialty, to having good all-around stats, and to having monsters to summon for practically everything, it’s just a really good class.

Okay, what about the worst class?

Once again, hard to tell. Every job in this game is at least good for something. Even if it’s just one good passive ability.

Things to Know

Look, I don’t think there’s really a best or worse class in the game so just try them out, each has strengths and weaknesses.
Specialities can only be used by your main class, but there are ways to get them from your sub-jobs (I.E. Spiritmaster).
I recommend at least trying out every job, and don’t always stick to the same jobs.
Some passives are pretty damn good, so make sure you keep equipping them.


When Obtained: Prologue


  • Lvl 1 – Stand Ground: About a 50% chance of surviving an attacking that would knock out a character, leaving them with 1 HP (Doesn’t work when said character has 1 HP).
  • Lvl 12 – Late Bloomer: For every job mastered, stats are boosted.

Ah yes, your beginning job, and a pretty good one! It’s your all-around class, being decent at most things! Not much to say

Personal Ranking: A

  • Lvl 1 – Examine – Reveals an enemy’s HP, weaknesses, and family.
  • Lvl 2 – Treat – Restore 20% of a target’s HP and 10% MP.
  • Lvl 3 – Divining Rod – Displays the number of unopened treasure chests in an area.
  • Lvl 4 – Forage – Command that searches for items mid-fight. Items found depends on job level.
  • Lvl 5 – Dungeon Master – Nullifies all terrain-inflicted damage for one character.
  • Lvl 6 – Lucky Charm – Boosts the target character’s luck stat for five turns.
  • Lvl 7 – Self-Healing. Cures poison, blindness, and silence when a fight ends.
  • Lvl 8 – Purge – Removes berserk, confusion, dread, charm, and doom from one target.
  • Lvl 9 – JP Up – JP gains are multiplied by 1.2 (Works with JP orbs).
  • Lvl 10 – Square One – Removes various status effects from a target.
  • Lvl 11 – Body Slam – Deal physical damage to a target based on the user’s encumbrance and delay the target’s turn.
  • Lvl 12 – JP Up and Up – JP gains are multiplied by 1.5 (Works with JP orbs).

C in all weapons, B in Shields

  • Recommended Sub-Jobs: Any job honestly, depends if you want a healer, dps, or support, so choose one to your liking.
  • Points of interest: Late Bloomer is very good if you do some grinding for mastering jobs to boost this job’s stats. Also, Body Slam is a good damage dealer too, and the JP Up are a godsens for grinding!
  • Tips: Forage is great for early game, letting you get a ton of free items early on, and like I said, those JP passives are really damn good.

Black Mage

When Obtained: Prologue


  • Lvl 1 – Regenerative Default: Restore MP when defaulting.
  • Lvl 12 – High-Velocity Spells: Attack spells can’t be nullified or absorbed. Though they can still deal half damage.

This is the first job you get when Elvis joins your party! While I think it’s pretty good in the early game, being your only magic attacker, it kinda falls off after chapter 1/2. Magic in general in this game isn’t that great compared to physical.

Personal Ranking: C

  • Lvl 1 – Fire – Deals fire damage.
  • Lvl 2 – Blizzard – Deals ice damage.
  • Lvl 3 – Thunder – Deals lightning damage.
  • Lvl 4 – Poison – Attempts to poison an enemy.
  • Lvl 5 – Lunar-Powered – Regenerates 4% MP at night. Also boosts magical attack, luck, and evasion at night.
  • Lvl 6 – Fira – Deals powerful fire damage.
  • Lvl 7 – Blizzara – Deals powerful ice damage.
  • Lvl 8 – Thundara – Deals powerful thunder damage.
  • Lvl 9 – Aspir Attack – Standard attack restores some MP based on damage dealt.
  • Lvl 10 – Firaga – Deals very powerful fire damage.
  • Lvl 11 – Blizzaga – Deals very powerful ice damage.
  • Lvl 12 – Thundaga – Deals very powerful thunder damage.

S in staves, B in daggers, D in swords, lances, and bows, E in axes, and C in shields.

  • Recommended Sub-Jobs: Red Mage, Arcanist, Oracle, Pictomancer, Monk (only for early game till Oracle, as can reduce Fire resistance)
  • Points of interest: Aspir Attack is very good for jobs that cost a bunch of MP. Also the first specialty helps with that too. The three different types of magic also helps with exploiting weaknesses. There isn’t too much to say besides that…
  • Tips: Thanks to the second specialty, I highly recommend using this job for the fight against Galahad

White Mage

When Obtained: Prologue


  • Lvl 1 – Angelic Ward: Any damage done to the user has a 30% of damage being reduced by half.
  • Lvl 12 – Holistic Medicine: All healing spells benefit all party members (Ehhh not really, usually only buffs, Cure doesn’t work).

The healing class. Besides Red Mage and Salve-Maker, I feel like you’ll be using this class as your main healer for most of the game, with a Spiritmaster for sub or main. Ranking it A because of how necessary it kinda is.

I highly recommend using this class as a main job

Personal Ranking: A

  • Lvl 1 – Cure – Restores some HP
  • Lvl 2 – Protect – Increases physical defense by 15%.
  • Lvl 3 – Shell – Increases magical defense by 15%.
  • Lvl 4 – Raise – Revives fallen ally.
  • Lvl 5 – Solar Powered – Regenerates 4% MP at day. Also boosts restorative power, aim, and luck during the day.
  • Lvl 6 – Cura – Restores more HP.
  • Lvl 7 – Benediction – Increases user’s restorative power by 30%.
  • Lvl 8 – Basuna – Cures a target of poison, blindness, silence, sleep, paralysis, contagion, freezing, and daubing.
  • Lvl 9 – Drain Attack – Standard attack restores some HP based on damage dealt (About 20%).
  • Lvl 10 – Arise – Revives knocked out target with full HP.
  • Lvl 11 – Better than Ever – If the user is healed beyond max HP, max HP is increased by the remainder.
  • Lvl 12 – Curaga – Greatly restores HP.

A in staves, B in lances, bows, and shields, D in daggers and swords, and E in axes.

  • Recommended Sub-Jobs: Spiritmaster, Salve-Maker (Red Mage isn’t really necessary unless you’re using the Sub-Job Speciality 2 passive)
  • Points of interest: Better than Ever is VERY useful if your healer is kinda squishy, and I also recommend equipping it on pretty much everyone until a later juncture (Which will be added in a week or so).
  • Tips: When healing, it’s gonna take a decent dent out of your MP, so I would recommend having MP regen, Solar/Lunar-Powered, Aspir Attack, or a bunch of ethers.


When Obtained: Prologue


  • Lvl 1 – Shield-Bearer: Equipping a shield doesn’t inflict speed, aim, or evasion penalties.
  • Lvl 12 – Attention Seeker: Physical attack and critical chance receive a bonus based upon the user’s chance of being targeted.

Holy ♥♥♥ is this class good. Deals outrages amounts of damage if you have a shield equipped. Insane how good it is for how early you get it. Also really good defense, and acts as a tank before you get Shieldmaster and Bastion.

The second specialty is insane.

Personal Ranking: S

  • Lvl 1 – Cross Cut – Hit a target with two attacks in a row.
  • Lvl 2 – Shield Bash – Hit a single target with an Earth-type attack that slightly delays their next turn.
  • Lvl 3 – Defang – Damage a target and reduce its physical attack by 7% for the next three turns.
  • Lvl 4 – Skull Bash – Damage a target and reduce its magical attack by 7% for the next three turns.
  • Lvl 5 – Pain into Gain – Any damage to the user while they aren’t Defaulting has a 30% chance of increasing their physical attack by 1-3%.
  • Lvl 6 – Aggravate – User’s chance of being targeted by enemy attacks goes up by 25%.
  • Lvl 7 – Sword of Stone. Perform a powerful Earth-type attack on a target.
  • Lvl 8 – Shield Stun – Hit a target with your shield to greatly delay their next turn.
  • Lvl 9 – Defensive Offense – If the user uses the Attack command, they will receive 30% less damage from all attacks until their next turn.
  • Lvl 10 – Enrage – The enemy’s next two attacks will be aimed at the user.
  • Lvl 11 – The Gift of Courage – Gives one of the user’s BP to a target.
  • Lvl 12 – Neo Cross Slash. Hits a target with two powerful attacks in a row.

S in axes, A in swords and shields, B in lances, D in daggers, and E in bows and staves.

  • Recommended Sub-Jobs: Swordmaster, Berserker.
  • Points of interest: Look, Neo Cross slash is insanely good, even in the late game. There are a few bosses that are weak to Earth too, so make use of Shield Bash and especially Sword of Stone. Also uh yeah, second speciality for all the extra physical damage stat. The passives for vanguard aren’t so great, however.
  • Tips: To make the most use of Attention Seeker, I recommend equipping a shield. The greater your chance of being targeted stat is, the more damage you deal. Insanely busted. You can easily get a 999 physical damage stat by endgame.


When Obtained: Prologue


  • Lvl 1 – Concentration: Critical chance is increased every time Invigorate, Inner Alchemy, or Mindfulness is used. The effect lasts entire battle.
  • Lvl 12 – Single-Minded: Prevents berserk, confusion and charming. Using Monk’s abilities or Defaulting also causes the next turn to come around more quickly.

A very good damage dealer that kind of falls off in the late game when compared to other classes. It also uses HP for its attacks, so it’s a trade-off for sure.

I highly recommend equipping Bare Knuckled Brawler to maximize this class’ speed and as it doesn’t really have great weapon proficiencies.

Personal Ranking: B

  • Lvl 1 – Strong Strike – Perform a high-damage physical attack, but with a chance of missing.
  • Lvl 2 – Inner Alchemy – Restore 20% of the user’s HP and cure poison, blindness, and slow.
  • Lvl 3 – Bare-Knuckle Brawler – Boosts user’s physical attack by 80% and aim by 30% when both hands are empty.
  • Lvl 4 – Firebird – Hit a single target with a fire-based attack which also reduces their fire resistance.
  • Lvl 5 – Qigong Wave – Perform an attack that ignores Default.
  • Lvl 6 – Mindfulness – Restore 15% of the user’s MP and cures silence, dread, and contagion.
  • Lvl 7 – Flying Heel Drop – Perform a powerful physical attack.
  • Lvl 8 – Invigorate – Boost the user’s physical attack by 15% for the next three turns.
  • Lvl 9 – Tortoise Kick – Damage a target and delay their next turn.
  • Lvl 10 – Flames of War – Perform a powerful Fire-type attack on a target.
  • Lvl 11 – Pressure Point – Perform a powerful physical attack on a target, that also ignores physical defense and Defaulting.
  • Lvl 12 – Focal Blast – Perform a powerful physical attack and reduces a random stat by 20% for four turns.

A in staves, B in lances, D in shields and Axes, E in swords, bows, and shields.

  • Recommended Sub-Jobs: Thief, Phantom, Vanguard, Dragoon.
  • Points of interest: Early game, I would recommend equipping Bare-Knuckled Brawler, as it would likely do more damage than most weapons available at the time. Qigong Wave, Strong Strike, Flying Heel Drop, and Pressure Point are all very good damage dealers too. Invigorate is also useful to boost
  • Tips: Like I said, make sure to equip Bare-Knuckled Brawler for a passive lol

Also Invigorate + Bard’s Hurts So Bad = lots of damage


When Obtained: Chapter 1


  • Lvl 1 – Extended Outro: All Bard abilities last one turn longer.
  • Lvl 12 – Encore: Whenever a Bard ability is performed, there’s a 25% chance that an additional Bard ability’s effect will be triggered.

Similar to Performer in BD/BS, this is your support class that buffs all party members. Since this is the only class that can raise attack power and defense for all members, it’s really good. However, this class works better as a sub-job because of its mediocre stats.

Personal Ranking: S

  • Lvl 1 – Don’t Let ‘Em Get to You. Reduces physical damage inflicted to the party by 15% for three turns.
  • Lvl 2 – Don’t Let ‘Em Trick You – Reduces magical damage inflicted to the party by 15% for three turns.
  • Lvl 3 – Step into the Spotlight – Increase a single target’s chance to be attacked by 20% for three turns.
  • Lvl 4 – Close Those Tired Eyes – Attempts to inflict sleep on a single target.
  • Lvl 5 – Born Entertainer – Bard’s and Pictomancer’s abilities’ effects are increased by a percentage equal to the user’s level divided by 15.
  • Lvl 6 – (Won’t) Be Missing You – Spend 18 MP to increase multiple targets’ aim rating by 5% for three turns.
  • Lvl 7 – Right Through Your Fingers – Increases the party’s evasion by 5% for three turns.
  • Lvl 8 – Hurts So Bad – Increases physical damage inflicted by multiple targets by 15% for two turns.
  • Lvl 9 – Work Your Magic – Increases magical damage inflicted by multiple targets by 15% for two turns.
  • Lvl 10 – All Killer No Filler – Increase the party’s critical chance by 15% for two turns.
  • Lvl 11 – Screamin’ It Out – Attack the entire enemy party with a non-elemental magical attack.
  • Lvl 12 – Shut Up and Dance – Force a target to act immediately after the user.

B in knives, bows, and staves, C in shields, D in swords, lances, and axes.

  • Recommended Sub-Jobs: Pictomancer, Red Mage, Bastion, Salve-Maker, Oracle, or any class that provides support.
  • Points of interest: Don’t Let ‘Em Get to You, Don’t Let ‘Em Trick You, Hurts so Bad, and Work Your Magic are all very useful. Born Entertainer is also somewhat useful, doesn’t really hurt to equip in the early game.
  • Tips: The buffs Bard provides are separate from other abilities that raise attack, magic, etc, so combining those with Bard’s songs boosts stats tremendously.

And like I said, this serves as a better sub-job, as abilities don’t really depend on the main job stats. However, to keep the effects of Extended Outro when as a sub-job, I recommend using Sub-Job Speciality 1 from Spiritmaster.


When Obtained: Chapter 1


  • Lvl 1 – Animal Rescue: When your HP falls to 20% or less, one of your captured monsters at random will be let loose against the enemy for no cost.
  • Lvl 12 – Creature Comforts: All stats are increased by an amount based on the number of monsters you’ve captured.

In my opinion, the best job in the game. It has good all around stats, and is able to do a variety of things, like Healing, attack, and giving your party buffs. All it requires is to keep some monsters handy.

Personal Ranking: S

  • Lvl 1 – Capture – Try to capture a monster. Chance of success depends on how low the target’s HP is. Doesn’t work on humans or bosses.
  • Lvl 2 – Off the Leash – Let a monster loose on a target.
  • Lvl 3 – Staggering Swipe. Damage a target and delay its next action.
  • Lvl 4 – Muzzle – Attempt to silence all targets.
  • Lvl 5 – Mow Down – Perform a physical attack on all targets.
  • Lvl 6 – Mercy Strike – Hit a target with a physical attack. This attack cannot reduce a target’s HP below 1.
  • Lvl 7 – Raw Power – Every use of the Brave command increases the user’s physical attack by 10% until the end of the turn.
  • Lvl 8 – Spearhead – The user will act first in battle if they have a spear equipped, unless the enemy has the advantage.
  • Lvl 9 – Mercy Smash – Hit a target with a powerful physical attack. This attack cannot reduce a target’s HP below 1.
  • Lvl 10 – MP Saver – Reduces all MP costs by 20%.
  • Lvl 11 – Beast Whisperer – 30% chance of capturing a monster you defeat.
  • Lvl 12 – Off the Chain – Send a monster to brutally savage a single target (Off the leash but stronger).

A in lances and bows, B shields, C in axes and staves, D in swords and daggers.

  • Recommended Sub-Jobs: Vanguard, Ranger, Dragoon, and Thief.
  • Points of interest: MP Saver and Raw Power are both very good passives, it’s very useful for your dps party members. Also, Creature Comforts boosts stats. Like a lot. Capture all the monsters to break your enemies’ knees. These effects are permanent when beastmaster is equipped, so even you release them all, you still receive the stat boosts.
  • Tips: To help make capturing monsters easier, use mercy smash/strike to reduce HP to 1, this will guarantee your target is captured.
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